Prof & St. Paul Slim Bring You Some Recession Music

Recession Music Front Cover Here is some more great music for the Mighty Minneapolis. This time it comes to us from Prof & St. Paul Slim. It just so happens that Ant is the executive producer of the album, so you know the production is going to be fire. These two emcees know how to elevate the skill on the mic and I think this album is going to end up being a great collaboration. I remember the first time I heard St. Paul Slim on Atmosphere’s track, off Strictly Leakage, “Crewed Up”. He had one line that went, “I’ma tell ya’ll I’m about to make a small fortune by taking small things and blowing em’ out of proportion”, from that line alone I knew that this guy was going to be sick as hell. The first time I heard of Prof was for his video for “Rocketman“. If I may add, the video for “Rocketman” is absolutely brilliant and Prof sure as hell know how to rock the mic as well.

I will have a review up for you guys real soon, because needless to say I am going to be listening to this album quite a bit the next few days. Make sure you download the album because it’s free!

Download: Prof & St. Paul Slim, Recession Music

Also check the video for the lead single from Recession Music, “Fire”:


4 Responses to “Prof & St. Paul Slim Bring You Some Recession Music

  1. so wheres the review?

  2. I’ve been pretty busy the last week,I’ll try to get one up tonight or thurs.

  3. Slim’s is this mic on track is the sickest one on there homie is dope

  4. man this album is sick. its so good and slug spits a couple lines and POS and more. demons is the sickest song on there i think but its so hard to choose. if you havent already download the album you need it! prof and slim KILLED it!

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