250 for $250


      It’s the week of exclusive and limited releases. Yesterday saw Animal Crack Box come and go, and today brings the Arcade Fire documentary Miroir Noir to fans in a special way. With all proceeds going to the Partners In Health program that raises money to “deliver high quality healthcare to the poor, and to break the cycle of poverty and disease.”

      So here is what you get:

Miroir Noir Special Edition DVD and Packaging + Automatic Download

The Accordion Style Packaging SIGNED by Arcade Fire

Exclusive Limited Edition silk-screened poster

      But act soon, as the package is strictly limited to 250 copies. Each copy will set you back $250 as well, but hey, it’s for an awesome cause. If you haven’t seen the doc yet though, be sure to pick up at least the standard edition for a much lighter $20. 

Get the Exclusive Gift Package NOW!


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