Mos Gives a History With Help From Dilla & Kweli

MosDef Here is a top quality track off of Mos’s new album The Ecstatic which will be dropping this coming Tuesday. The track features Talib Kweli (the other half of Black Star) and is produced by the legendary J Dilla. As many of you know, Mos & Kweli on the same track usually makes for some pure magic.

I don’t know about you readers out there, but I am definitely going to be at the store on Tuesday picking this gem up. Mos is due for another classic album, considering Tru3 Magic was an epic fail. Follow me after the jump for the track download.Download: Mos Def, “History” (Feat. Talib Kweli, Prod. By J Dilla)

Spotted @ 2DopeBoyz


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