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Mighty Mos Defends Kanye…

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Can’t say I agree with you Mos, but we are all entitled to our own opinions.

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Since when is the Equator the Measure for an Ego?

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Ziegfeld Theater

I wasn’t originally going to put this up, because people always say any publicity is good publicity. I am also pretty much positive that every single person in the Blogosphere has already touched on this topic. I do, however, feel that I must voice my opinion on Kanye West (as I have many times in the past) in a more professional manner.

Many of you that read this blog might feel that I am way out of my element. This is totally fine, because living in America we are all entitled to our own opinions. What I am posting here is an Opinion Editorial that I was required to write for one of my classes in school. I worked hard on it, and I truly mean what I say in this Op. Ed. Follow me after the jump to read my thoughts.

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Mos Def, The Black Keys & Jim Jones – “Hoochie Coo”

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Holy shit. As you all know I love Hip-Hop, but I also love The Black Keys. There is something about their music that is so dynamic, that it pulls me right in. Their heavy Blues riffs, and great lyrics made me fall in love with their music. When I headed over to 2DopeBoyz today, I found out that the Black Keys are going to be putting out an album with a bunch of Hip-Hop guest appearances. On the album you will find: Mos Def, RZA, Jim Jones, Q-Tip, Raekwon, Pharoahe Monch & more. The album will be dropping on November 27th, or Black Friday. The project will be called Black Roc, and Dame Dash will have a pretty big part in this album being released.

Good Lord, this album sounds like it’s going to be incredible. The first single “Hoochie Coo” dropped today, and it features Mos Def & Jim Jones. I can assure you that I already like the Black Keys infused beats that I am hearing on this track. I think this album is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Download: The Black Keys, “Hoochie Coo” (Feat. Jim Jones & Mos Def)

Mos Def Walks Through New Orleans (Part 1)

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This is a video tribute to the people of New Orleans four years after Hurricane Katrina from & Mos Def. Might Mos speaks some wise words of knowledge, and takes a tour through post-Katrina New Orleans. If any of you know about Mos, you know that he definitely tends to show his activist side every once in a while. This is definitely a touching and heartfelt video, it will open a lot of eyes. Make sure you stay tuned for part 2.

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Jay Electronica & Mos Def Perform “Exhibit B” Live

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Oh my god, thank you Meka. There has been footage of Jay performing all over the internet over the last few weeks, but nothing compares to this. This is some dope ass footage of Jay Electronica & Mos Def dropping megaton bombs on the microphone. Lord, please give me a Jay Electronica full-length, and for the 950th time I’m pissed off I missed this show…

Jay Electronica Live From Atlanta

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Here is some footage of the phenom, Jay Electronica, performing live at the Tabernacle in Atlanta. In the video is a live performance of the track “Dimelthyltryptamine”, in which half contains a beat and the rest is acapella. I have to say this again, I’m extremely pissed I couldn’t make the Jay/MosDef show in Minneapolis.

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Jay Electronica Preaches at The House of Blues

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is some footage of the prophet Jay Electronica performing at the House of Blues in Chicago. I can’t tell you how upset I am that I had to miss his show with Mos Def in Minneapolis Saturday night. I can assure you that First Ave. was rockin’ like crazy that night. On the video you get to see him perform “Dear Moleskine” as well as “Exhibit A (Transformation)”. This guy is quickly becoming one of my favorites, I feel almost blessed that I’ve been able to put this many Jay Electronica posts up in the last week.

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DJ Honda x Mos Def, “Magnetic Arts”

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The two guys that brought you the amazing track “Travellin Man” are back at it again with some new hotness for the people. The new track is called “Magnetic Arts” and it will be featured on DJ Honda’s new album IV. DJ Honda lays down a beautiful soul laced beat, and Mos puts down some serious flow to this one. You can get IV when it drops on August 5th.

Download: DJ Honda, “Magnetic Arts”, (Feat. Mos Def)

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Wild Style Wednesday Review: The Roots, Things Fall Apart

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the-roots_things-fall-apart-album-cover The Roots will forever be one of my favorite groups in Hip-Hop because I love their utilization of a live band and their natural sound. Not to mention that Black Thought is also one of my top five emcees, the guy is pretty much a god emcee on the microphone. I like every single album in The Roots catalog, but Things Fall Apart is the album that introduced me to them. I look at this album that came out ten years ago and part of me still feels like even now this album would still be ahead of its time. This album, to this day, is one of the most sound albums I have ever heard and there is no doubt that it will forever be considered a classic. Even though this album didn’t make my top 10 most influential albums, I would still say it ranks among my top 10-20 favorite albums without a doubt.

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Jay Electronica & Mos Def Will Be At First Avenue August 1st

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Oh good lord, it appears as though two of the most revered emcees at this time will be at First Avenue on August 1st. Might Mos Def and Jay Electronica will surely be tearing up the Main Stage that Saturday night, and I can honestly tell you that I’m going to do everything in my power to be there. Culture Bully also mentioned that these two will be doing a whole album entitled Sympatico together in the near future. I think if these two put out an album it might change the way that people look at the game. There will be more tour dates to come as well.