Black Milk Talks With Pitchfork About Random Axe

randomaxe Black Milk is probably my favorite artist in the game right now (next to Evidence), he has been putting out incredible music with that signature Detroit sound. He linked up with Pitchfork Media (who dissed him in the first paragraph citing his “unspectacular rhyming” on Tronic) about the super group composed of Sean Price, Guilty Simpson & himself known as Random Axe. Personally I feel like Pitchfork is a giant epicenter of pretentious morons, but if it’s Black Milk related I will read it. The Random Axe album is one of my most anticipated albums this year, and I feel like this album is going to be nothing short of great.

Black Milk discusses a lot of issues about how the group came to be (contacting Sean Price for a verse on Guilty Simpson’s album), how he adapts production sounds for certain emcees, how it feels to be on Duck Down Records and how he reacts to people coining him as the “new Kanye” (he cites himself as being much different than Kanye, I personally think he’s better). This interview is great and it gives some good insight into the story of the great super group known as Random Axe. According to the interview, Black Milk won’t be rapping on every verse because he wanted to focus the spotlight on Sean P & Guilty Simpson.

I am going to be impatiently waiting for this album which will be dropping late this year. I can tell you that the beats and wordplay on this album are going to be top tier, and you surely aren’t going to want to miss it. Stay tuned to Mind Inversion for all the news on the Random Axe record. This is just another great example of Black Milk “putting the D on his back like a shirt that he bought”.

You can read the entire interview here.


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