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Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, Big Tone & DJ Graffiti x Splash!-Mag

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Definitely a great thing to see coverage on Detroit Hip-Hop, it’s my favorite shit out there (no offense Minneapolis), no one is bringing a sound to the Midwest (with the exception of MPLS) like Dietroit. Splash!-Mag caught up with Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, Big Tone & DJ Graffiti this year at the Splash! Festival. Big Tone talks about how it’s his first time over in Europe and what that experience is like. Phat Kat talks about his new album that he is finishing up, The Katacombs, and an album called Co-Still that he is working on with Elzhi (that’s what I like to hear).

Guilty grabs the mic and mentions his album with Madlib, says that the Random Axe project is just about done, and that he is also working on his second official release. He delves into the OJ Simpson album and talks a little bit about what you can expect to hear. I had heard something near catastrophic happened on the Random Axe project, and Guilty tells us that Black Milk did indeed lose a lot of the work associated with the album. Sean Price & Guilty Simpson had to re-record their vocals for the album.

There is so much more in this interview that is great, I mean it’s 20 minutes long. Take some notes from one of the best Hip-Hop cities in the country.

Shouts to 2DopeBoyz on the look.


Sean Price Holds Down That “Top Rank”

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Thanks to 2DopeBoyz we have yet another track from the always amazing Sean P! This track, “Top Rank”, is a promo for the upcoming Random Axe project with Black Milk & Guilty Simpson. No word yet as to when the Random Axe project will drop, but I can assure you that it’s going to be astronomical.

Download: Sean Price, “Top Rank

Introducing… OJ Simpson, “Coroner’s Music”

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DAMN. This is a great way to come home from a hard day of work. I hit my twitter feed and saw Oh No tweeting about Madlib & Guilty Simpson (I didn’t really look what it pertained to, just clicked the link really). I quickly found out that they are going to be releasing an album under the alias OJ Simpson. Talk about a pairing of the titans people, I’ve been a huge fan of Guilty since the first time I heard him, and Madlib is a beast on the boards. This is going to be an album that people will be talking about for a long time to come. According to the Stones Throw website, the album will be comprised of 14 tracks featuring very few guests (Elzhi (fuck yeah) & Strong Arm Steady) and some select cuts by J Rocc. Based on the aforementioned information, I’m totally ready for Stones Throw to release this album. You can download the lead single “Coroner’s Music” below.

Download: OJ Simpson, “Coroner’s Music”

Black Milk Broadcast, Episode 1

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Black Milk is one of my favorite performers there is, the guy is pretty much flawless when it comes to music. Apparently when Black was touring overseas (with Elzhi (the best emcee on the planet right now)), he decided to put together some footage and start a new video series. In this first episode you get an inside look in the studio with Black Milk, Alchemist, Guilty Simpson and Hex Murda. You will also get some great live footage of Black Milk performing, and some hilarious yet insightful behind the scenes footage. It’s great to see all of the people over seas showing Black Milk love, and they also love to drop the n-bomb. Make sure you stay tuned for the rest of the installments, because you know I will have them up at Mind Inversion.

Black Milk Talks With Pitchfork About Random Axe

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randomaxe Black Milk is probably my favorite artist in the game right now (next to Evidence), he has been putting out incredible music with that signature Detroit sound. He linked up with Pitchfork Media (who dissed him in the first paragraph citing his “unspectacular rhyming” on Tronic) about the super group composed of Sean Price, Guilty Simpson & himself known as Random Axe. Personally I feel like Pitchfork is a giant epicenter of pretentious morons, but if it’s Black Milk related I will read it. The Random Axe album is one of my most anticipated albums this year, and I feel like this album is going to be nothing short of great.

Black Milk discusses a lot of issues about how the group came to be (contacting Sean Price for a verse on Guilty Simpson’s album), how he adapts production sounds for certain emcees, how it feels to be on Duck Down Records and how he reacts to people coining him as the “new Kanye” (he cites himself as being much different than Kanye, I personally think he’s better). This interview is great and it gives some good insight into the story of the great super group known as Random Axe. According to the interview, Black Milk won’t be rapping on every verse because he wanted to focus the spotlight on Sean P & Guilty Simpson.

I am going to be impatiently waiting for this album which will be dropping late this year. I can tell you that the beats and wordplay on this album are going to be top tier, and you surely aren’t going to want to miss it. Stay tuned to Mind Inversion for all the news on the Random Axe record. This is just another great example of Black Milk “putting the D on his back like a shirt that he bought”.

You can read the entire interview here.

Random Axe Is a Crew of “Monster Babies”

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Here it is people, the first leak off of one of my most anticipated albums of the year, Random Axe. Black Milk, Sean Price & Guilty Simpson are firing on all cylinders on this track and by the sounds of this track, this album is going to be fucking classic. Follow me after the jump for the download Continue reading

Wild Style Wednesday Review: J Dilla, The Shining

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The Shining This album was posthumously released shortly after Dilla died. Good friend Karriem Riggins took the album under his wing with the wave from Ma Dukes. Many sources say that Dilla was only able to finish around 75% of the album before his untimely death. Even though this album wasn’t on my top 10 albums of all time, I can assure you that this is one of my favorite albums of all time. This is the first album I ever heard of Dilla’s solo material, and for that reason alone I am forever grateful to this album. I remember reading reviews on Amazon, and hearing people complain that this album is just over 30 minutes long. This album just proves that good things really do come in small packages. Continue reading

Random Axe Will Be Coming Out On Duckdown Records

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This is some of the best news I’ve heard all year long. Black Milk, Sean Price & Guilty Simpson have signed their deal with Duckdown Records for the Random Axe project. My anticipation for this album is crazy because I know it is going to be one of the best of the year. Listen to Sean Price as he makes everything official!

Spotted @ 2dopeboyz

Guilty Simpson Lets Go of that “Stress” With Some Help From Dilla

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Guilty In my opinion Guilty Simpson is the one emcee that Dilla’s beats fit with perfectly. Every time you hear Guilty on a Dilla track there is no questioning whether he was the right person for the job. With the track “Stress” the outcome is no different. Dilla lays down a sick beat that is very omniscent of the Beatles tune “Eleanor Rigby” with a more electronic twist, and Guilty flows over this track like a waterfall. Even though this track isn’t on Jay $tay Paid it still makes me anticipate it even more, because the only thing better than Dilla tracks, is new Dilla tracks.

Download: Guilty Simpson, “Stress” (Produced by J Dilla)

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Black Milk Talks Hip-Hop, The D & J Dilla

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I love being able to hear about any news that pertains to Black Milk. As I’ve said numerous times in the past, this guy is a phenom and he’s “Putting the “D” on his back like a shirt that he bought”. He’s been coming out with some of the most consistent Hip-Hop for the last few years with two critically acclaimed albums. I also gave his album Tronic which came out last year the nod for album of the year.

This is a really good interview that was put on by Carter Cartel and it’s very in depth. The interview rings in at almost 12 minutes long, but I think it’s totally worth it. There are a lot of issues that get discussed here. Black talks about performing to a crowd full of white kids in Boulder, Colorado, who he would work with now (dead and alive) and that Random Axe collabo that’s going to be absolutely ridiculous. Random Axe is a super group composed of Guilty Simpson, Sean Price & Black Milk. Not to mention that Black Milk will be doing production for the entire album. Black Milk also brings up, of course, the late great J Dilla and what it was like working with him as well as how much of an influence he is on Black Milk.

All in all a great interview. Make sure you watch the video and watch out for Random Axe dropping sometime this year.

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