Buff1 & DJ Rhettmatic are Crown Royale

By the sounds of this video, these two cats are going to be doing some huge things. Crown Royale (Buff1 + Rhettmatic) is Hip Hop Official‘s newest artist of the week. I personally had no idea that these guys were going to be doing a project together. Rhett was on Buff’s last album but I didn’t know they were going to be making an album. When you mix one of the best DJs in the world and an amazing yet versatile emcee you are going to have one hell of a duo. Check out the video and make sure you stay tuned to more news on Crown Royale.

Spotted @ Hip Hop Official


One Response to “Buff1 & DJ Rhettmatic are Crown Royale”

  1. […] week I posted the Hip Hop Official artist of the week video for these guys. Here is a video of Buff1 & Rhettmatic performing the track, “Get It […]

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