Album Review: Alchemist, Chemical Warfare

Chemical WarfareFor the last decade (and then some), Alchemist has been making some of the best beats in Hip-Hop. Much like his last album 1st Infantry he enlists a near all-star cast of some of the best cats in the game to help him bring you some real Hip-Hop. Another thing that you may notice is that ALC’s beats are just as deviously deadly as ever before. He sounds like he has been more at home with the MPC than ever, and Al’s chemistry seems like it should be in a text book it’s so good.

The first track that hit me was “ALC Theme” (which featured Kool G Rap) and it has a beat that will wickedly wander through your ears, with a melody that sounds almost A Clockwork Orange-esque. As I’ve been mentioning a lot lately, Al has really been stepping up his wordplay and this track showcases it right away, “I’m the t-ruth when I spit it out in the b-ooth/I get loose with the Grey Goose mixed with the J-uice/I be w-ylin nobody smilin’…”. On the track “Lose Your Life”, Alchemist enlists Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss & Pusha T to spit bullets over his eerily bone chilling beat. KRS-One spits his poignant political flow over the beat on the track “Grand Concourse Benches”, and his flow is so hard you may feel bruised, battered and beaten. The sample flip on “Smile” is magnificent and the hook that Maxwell throws down is damn near perfect, not to mention that ALC spits furious fire and Twista switches his flow up faster than a faucet. Alchemist, Oh No, Roc C & Crooked I tear apart the track “Acts of Violence” like a lion on zebra meat.

There are a lot of solid tracks on this album, but I think that “Therapy” is probably the highlight of Chemical Warfare. Talib Kweli, Blu, Kid Cudi & Evidence lay their top notch vocals over Al’s funky ass guitar loops and spacey synth noises. With an underground all-star cast like the one on “Therapy”, you might even be looking at one of the best tracks of the year.

As I metioned before, this album has a lot of really great tracks, but there are definitely a few tracks that aren’t so great mixed in. Even though there are probably three tracks on this album I don’t care for too highly, it isn’t enough to merit this album a negative review. Alchemist’s beats and rhymes are the best they’ve ever been, and this album will truly show you that.

8.0 Al Al Al Al Al Al Al Al Alchemists out of 10


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