Royce Claims “The Wu-Tang/Slaughterhouse Beef is Over”…

This whole beef has been going on for awhile now, and it has honestly kept me on the edge of my seat. My man Nolan posted the video with Raekwon last week, and now I found this video over at 2DopeBoyz of Royce saying the beef is over at Rock The Bells. Not only does Royce say the beef is over, but he speaks the truth as he gives Wu-Tang props and calls them legends. It’s good to see that the beef was able to be squashed because there is just no need for that shit in Hip-Hop (although it does sell records).


3 Responses to “Royce Claims “The Wu-Tang/Slaughterhouse Beef is Over”…”

  1. hollar at me the next time any wu member besides ghost/rae make a good album.

  2. Well GZA did put out a pretty damn good album last year. Saying Slaughterhouse is better than Wu-Tang Clan is a pretty crazy statement.

  3. I just pictured that royce guy walking into the room and announcing in person to all the wu tang that the beef is over, then all the wu tang laughs, the laughter that they show in chinese kung fu movies, the silly kind of laughter.

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