Paul Rodriguez + Nike SB x Ice Cube = One Hell of a Commercial

I caught this one on TV yesterday, and it dawned on me that I should go to YouTube to see if I could post it for you guys. This is the type of commercial that you look forward to seeing. I’ve always been a huge fan of Nike SB skate shoes especially the Paul Rodriguez model, so naturally I’m going to love this commercial. In the video you get to see P-Rod tearing up the streets of LA on his board all over the place to the tune of “Today Was a Good Day” by Ice Cube. Even the Ice Cube cameo in this video is priceless. Probably the best commercial I’ve seen so far in 2009.


One Response to “Paul Rodriguez + Nike SB x Ice Cube = One Hell of a Commercial”

  1. […] to Hip Hop Official for the look on this one. You may remember that I posted the original video for “Today Was a Good Day” a couple weeks back, well this is the extended version. This […]

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