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Nike SB x Paul Rodriguez, “Today Was a Good Day” Extended Cut

Posted in Media, Video with tags , , , , , on Monday, August 3, 2009 by Tim Althaus

Shouts to Hip Hop Official for the look on this one. You may remember that I posted the original video for “Today Was a Good Day” a couple weeks back, well this is the extended version. This video is about a minute longer than the original, and it features cameos from Ice Cube (of course), Eric Koston & Kobe Bryant. This is just one of the many reasons that I support Nike on every level.


Paul Rodriguez + Nike SB x Ice Cube = One Hell of a Commercial

Posted in Media, Video with tags , , , on Friday, July 24, 2009 by Tim Althaus

I caught this one on TV yesterday, and it dawned on me that I should go to YouTube to see if I could post it for you guys. This is the type of commercial that you look forward to seeing. I’ve always been a huge fan of Nike SB skate shoes especially the Paul Rodriguez model, so naturally I’m going to love this commercial. In the video you get to see P-Rod tearing up the streets of LA on his board all over the place to the tune of “Today Was a Good Day” by Ice Cube. Even the Ice Cube cameo in this video is priceless. Probably the best commercial I’ve seen so far in 2009.

A Movie That is Truly “Straight Outta Compton”

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nwaThat’s right folks, you can all start jumping up and down yelling “Fuck the Police, Fuck the Police, Fuck ’em”. An article that I read today at Hip Hop DX mentioned that Dr. Dre, Ice Cube & Tomica Wright (Eazy E’s widow) are all going to be on board as well as producers of the movie. The article also said that they are thinking about a director somewhere along the lines of Curtis Hanson (who directed 8 Mile).

I can’t imagine how gangsta this movie is going to be. N.W.A influenced an entire generation of emcees on the independent circuit and paved the way for cats who wanted to rap for a living.  They did all of  the aforementioned information all while telling a After the success of the movie Notorious I really think that this movie, as well, could be a smash at the box office. Continue reading