T3 Talks About Baatin & Slum Village

On-Air Idiots was able to get T3 of Slum Village on the phone after his recent performance at Rock The Bells. These guys cover a lot of ground on this phone interview, and 3 even mentions that the new Slum Village album will be dropping in September. He also talks a great deal about his good friend (and original founding member) Baatin, and his unfortunate passing. T3 talks about almost being the “torchbearer” (if you will) to carry on the Slum Village name, and how much adversity both Slum Village & Detroit has been through. Apparently Baatin was supposed to be in Vancouver with Slum Village at the time of his passing, he just couldn’t go to Canada because of legal reasons. Baatin also briefly discusses catching a flight to go to Dilla’s funeral when then were on tour in Europe. This interview is full of real talk and it’s great to hear T3 carrying the torch and keeping the Slum Village name going.

Spotted @ 2DopeBoyz


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