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My 2010 Dilla Day Mix

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I don’t know if you guys were readers last year around this time, but I did this exact same thing. I am a huge fan of J Dilla; he is a huge inspiration to me. I actually made this mix on what would have been Dilla’s 36th birthday. I took a lot of time thinking about what tracks would go smoothly together, but I also thought about what tracks of his were among my favorites. The outcome? 23 tracks of straight unadulterated Jay Dee goodness.

I figured I would post this mix here because I really want everyone to be able to have it; it’s nothing big, but if one more person starts to listen to Dilla because of it, then I’ve done my job. James Yancey really was the king of the beats, and his presence is strongly missed in the music world. All of the tracks on this mix are either produced by or featuring J Dilla (with the exception of one).

(R.I.P. J Dilla February 7th, 1974 – February 10th, 2006)


1.) Words from Ma Dukes

2.) Reality Check (Feat. Black Thought) (J Dilla)

3.) House of Flying Daggers (Raekwon) (Prod. By J Dilla)

4.) Raise it Up (Slum Village)

5.) Love Movin’ (Feat. Black Thought) (J Dilla)

6.) Stakes is High (De La Soul) (Prod. By J Dilla)

7.) Find a Way (A Tribe Called Quest) (Prod. By J Dilla)

8.) Diamonds (J Dilla)

9.) Let’s Grow (Royce Da 5’9″) (Prod. By J Dilla)

10.) It’s Dope (J Dilla)

11.) It’s Goin Down (Skillz) (Prod. By J Dilla)

12.) Gazillion Ear (DOOM) (Prod. By J Dilla)

13.) Gobstopper (J Dilla)

14.) Survival Test (Jaylib)

15.) Dynamite! (The Roots) (Prod. By J Dilla)

16.) Wild (J Dilla)

17.) Whip You With a Strap (Ghostface Killah) (Prod. By J Dilla)

18.) Nag Champa (Afrodisiac for the World) (Common) (Prod. By J Dilla)

19.) Move (Oh No) (Prod. By J Dilla)

20.) Secrets of the Sand (Jay Dee Remix) (MOOD)

21.) Game Over (Flying Lotus Remix) (Dabrye) (Feat. Phat Kat & JayDee)

22.) History (Mos Def) (Prod. By J Dilla)

23.) Paid Homage (Finale)


Elzhi Spits it A Cappella Style

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This is the shit that I’m talking about. If you haven’t heard of Elzhi, you might as well have been sleeping under a rock. This guy is so good at what he does, there really aren’t many emcees in the game that can touch this dude. I personally would probably put him in my top 3 emcees right now without a doubt. Slum Village recently did a show out in LA, and this A Cappella is just a nice little snippet of the skill that El possesses.

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Transferring Dilla’s Original Reels to Pro Tools

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This shit is awesome, thank you Crate Kings a great deal. Here is some footage of RJ Rice Sr. (founder of Barak Records) and Todd (from studio A) transferring Dilla’s original reels of music into Pro Tools. Most of what they are transferring were originally composed in Dilla’s basement using the ADAT machine. It’s nice to hear some original Slum cuts in this one to.

Slum Village Be “Actin’ Normal”

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is the latest video from Slum Village off of their upcoming album Villa Manifesto. The direction on the video was done by Dwele, and you might notice himself and Black Milk making cameos in this one. I can assure you I will be copping the new Slum Village shit when it drops. Will you?

R.I.P. Baatin

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T3 Talks About Baatin & Slum Village

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On-Air Idiots was able to get T3 of Slum Village on the phone after his recent performance at Rock The Bells. These guys cover a lot of ground on this phone interview, and 3 even mentions that the new Slum Village album will be dropping in September. He also talks a great deal about his good friend (and original founding member) Baatin, and his unfortunate passing. T3 talks about almost being the “torchbearer” (if you will) to carry on the Slum Village name, and how much adversity both Slum Village & Detroit has been through. Apparently Baatin was supposed to be in Vancouver with Slum Village at the time of his passing, he just couldn’t go to Canada because of legal reasons. Baatin also briefly discusses catching a flight to go to Dilla’s funeral when then were on tour in Europe. This interview is full of real talk and it’s great to hear T3 carrying the torch and keeping the Slum Village name going.

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Black Milk Broadcast, R.I.P. Baatin

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Black Milk dedicated an episode of his show Black Milk Broadcast to his good friend, and comrade Baatin. If you recall, on the track “Long Story Short”, Black spits “My kinfolk went on tour, roadie for Slum Vil/He got a beat CD in the hands of Baatin/didn’t hear from em’ til they got back to Michigan..”. That’s right, if there was no Baatin there may not have ever been a Black Milk. Black adresses right away that Baatin was the one that got him into the music game. In the video Black Milk reminisces about making music with Baatin, as well as how he was influenced by Tin. At the end of the video Black shows some video footage from a Slum Village music video shoot for their upcoming album Manifesto.

As I said before, Baatin was one hell of an emcee and embassador to Detroit Hip-Hop. He will be dearly missed, and he will always be in the prayers of true Hip-Hop heads.

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R.I.P. Titus “Baatin” Glover

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I was utterly saddened and extremely expressionless yesterday when I heard that Baatin passed away. One of my colleagues sent me a Blackberry Message asking if “I heard the dude from Slum Village passed”? I almost thought he was bullshitting me right away, but I know he wouldn’t mess around with me when it came to Detroit Hip-Hop. I immediately sent him a message asking him (not sure why) if it was Baatin. He sent me a message that confirmed my previous question. I still to this moment can’t believe it, I almost feel like the whole situation is surreal. Baatin is absolutely seminal when it comes to talking about the Detroit Hip-Hop scene. He was the co-founder of Slum Village, which is easily one of my favorite groups of all-time. I simply don’t know if the Detroit scene would be anywhere near what it is today without Baatin. Detroit as well as the world of Hip-Hop lost an embassador yesterday. My heart goes out to Baatin’s family and everybody that was close to him, you’ve lost an extraordinary human being.

There’s only one thing we can all do now:


Editor’s Note: ?uestlove actually wrote a great piece on Baatin & Slum Village which you can read here.