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Mick Boogie Remixes Peter Bjorn & John With Some Help From Black Milk, Big Sean & T3

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Mick Boogie is doing did a remix project of Peter, Bjorn & John’s album Living Things entitled Re-Living Thing. It sounds like the album is going to be incredibly dope and it is going to features an all-star cast alongside Mick Boogie. This track , “Just the Past (nVMe remix)”, features Detroit heavy hitters Black Milk, T3 & Big Sean. If this track is any indication of the amplitude of this project, it’s going to be fucking incredible. Damn, the Commissioner has done it yet again.

Download: Mick Boogie, “Just the Past (nVMe Remix)” (Feat. Black Milk, Big Sean & T3)

*Track Quotable: “…the game you ruined/so now I’m one of the best in this thing called music/humble pie, the sun don’t lie/you spit steady clips just so the sun don’t shine.” – Black Milk


T3 Talks About Baatin & Slum Village

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On-Air Idiots was able to get T3 of Slum Village on the phone after his recent performance at Rock The Bells. These guys cover a lot of ground on this phone interview, and 3 even mentions that the new Slum Village album will be dropping in September. He also talks a great deal about his good friend (and original founding member) Baatin, and his unfortunate passing. T3 talks about almost being the “torchbearer” (if you will) to carry on the Slum Village name, and how much adversity both Slum Village & Detroit has been through. Apparently Baatin was supposed to be in Vancouver with Slum Village at the time of his passing, he just couldn’t go to Canada because of legal reasons. Baatin also briefly discusses catching a flight to go to Dilla’s funeral when then were on tour in Europe. This interview is full of real talk and it’s great to hear T3 carrying the torch and keeping the Slum Village name going.

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Wild Style Wednesday Review: Slum Village, Fantastic, Vol. 2

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SlumVillageFantasticVol2 I had another review planned for this week, but with the recent passing of Baatin this one feels a little more natural. Fantastic, Vol. 2 is another record that came very close to charting on my most influential albums list. Even though it wasn’t on my most influential albums list, this is another album that I can say would probably easily be in my top 20 favorite albums of all-time. The flow of this album is pure like water and yet it’s as melodic as heaven. Jay Dee’s production is so stellar on this album, that I’m fairly sure it will always withstand the test of time. From Jay Dee’s earlier Ummah sound, to the spaced out synth that he implemented later in his career, Fantastic, Vol. 2 has it all. Baatin, T3 & Jay Dee all sculpt to these tracks like clay and even though they aren’t the wittiest emcees in the world, this album is still utterly amazing. Continue reading