Slaughterhouse Already Talking Second Album


According to a HipHopDX article that I read this morning (it’s from yesterday), the guys from Slaughterhouse are already talking about a sophomore follow-up to their self-titled release. The way Joell Ortiz made it sound, is that they would like to put out all of their solo efforts and then move to the next collaborative effort. The guys also said that they will probably start recording some material for the follow-up in the interim so that they don’t have to bang out an album in 6 days again. Joell reveals even more good news when he sates,  “I feel like all of our solo albums will have us featured on there”. Crooked I mentions that even though there were tracks that were left off of the album, they will surface one way or another because “the world needs to hear it”.

It sounds like the next year is going to be pretty insane as far as these guys is concerned, not to mention everything else that is coming out in the next year. This just proves that Hip-Hop is nowhere near dead, it’s a healthy, living and breathing organism that is stronger than ever.


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