GZA Live @ Lollapalooza

I have to say, GZA has to be top 10 for sure. Here is some footage of The Genius performing “Liquid Swords” at Lollapalooza this year live with Santigold. I watched this video and had to start listening to the album Liquid Swords right away, shit’s way to classic to not listen to on a regular basis. You can hit the jump to watch another video with some very brief clips of performances from other tracks, GZA talking about what other projects he would love to be a part of and the feature of the Clan.

Spotted @ Hip Hop Official


2 Responses to “GZA Live @ Lollapalooza”

  1. i love GZA,

    but I still think he’s terrible live

  2. Best MC live are you kidding me, saw him on his Liquid Sword Tour and that shit was too on point.

    -The BackPack Fantastic

    hip hop podcast

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