Flying Lotus, “Aunties Lock”


I was over at Sound Verite, and needless to say I caught this gem over there. If you haven’t gotten up on Steven Ellison (Flying Lotus) yet, you are missing out on some fantastic music. If you were to toss Dilla, Madlib & Prefuse 73’s styles into one unique sound, that is what Fly Lo would sound like. It’s so hard to put a finger on what style his music is, you could easily call it Electronica, but on the other hand you could easily call it Hip-Hop as well. I’ll leave the judging to you. If you get the chance, get all of his work that he’s put out. Everything that this guy has done has been nothing short of exemplary. His L.A. EP 3×3 is now out on limited vinyl via Warp Records as well.

Download: Flying Lotus, “Aunties Lock”


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