BK-One x Parker Vision

After watching this video I can surely come to one conclusion. Radio Do Canibal is going to be a great, yet very interesting album. BK-One is an intelligent dude and you can tell he’s up on his shit. He discusses the music that inspired him to make this album, and the soundscapes you can expect to hear. Next he mentions how long he’s known Ali, and how long he’s been his tour DJ. BK also breaks down a few of the collaborations on the album, and how he loves bringing together legends on his album with the people he’s known and grown up with. On top of that, BK talks about the history of Rhymesayers and what they’ve been about the whole time.

Parker mentions DJ AM & Roc Raida and BK gives his thoughts about them, and how they’ve inspired him in what he does. He then shouts out Benzilla and talks a little bit about how the production was handled on the album. I can’t wait until this album drops, it’s going to be one of the most musically diverse albums to come out this year. Radio Do Canibal October 6th, get it.

Spotted @ 2DopeBoyz


3 Responses to “BK-One x Parker Vision”

  1. so watching this video I am even more confused as to how the production WAS handled….bk wasn’t real clear on that. as an aspiring producer, I am always interested in how collab albums like this are produced. The wording used isn’t clear as to who actually banged out the beat! Anyone have anythoughts on that?

  2. BK-One came up with the concept as to how he wanted all of the breaks and samples handled, and how he wanted the beats to sound. Benzilla was the one who actually brought all of that together and punched the pads.

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