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BK-One x Parker Vision

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After watching this video I can surely come to one conclusion. Radio Do Canibal is going to be a great, yet very interesting album. BK-One is an intelligent dude and you can tell he’s up on his shit. He discusses the music that inspired him to make this album, and the soundscapes you can expect to hear. Next he mentions how long he’s known Ali, and how long he’s been his tour DJ. BK also breaks down a few of the collaborations on the album, and how he loves bringing together legends on his album with the people he’s known and grown up with. On top of that, BK talks about the history of Rhymesayers and what they’ve been about the whole time.

Parker mentions DJ AM & Roc Raida and BK gives his thoughts about them, and how they’ve inspired him in what he does. He then shouts out Benzilla and talks a little bit about how the production was handled on the album. I can’t wait until this album drops, it’s going to be one of the most musically diverse albums to come out this year. Radio Do Canibal October 6th, get it.

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Jay-Z Says a Few Words in Rememberance of DJ AM

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On a separate note, why the fuck do the good have to die young? Here is a video of Hov saying some kind words and remembers rocking the stage with DJ AM who, if you didn’t know, passed away this last weekend. It’s a damn shame that the lord decides to take people that have monumental impacts on others, especially when they are young.

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DJ Jazzy Jeff Tears Apart The Wheels of Steel

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For those of you who sleep on DJ Jazzy Jeff, I truly feel sorry for you. He is your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ. The man is easily one of the best to ever do his thing on the turntables. Here is some great footage of Jeff tearing shit up at The House of Blues with DJ AM. Notice Jeff doing his thing the whole video, then at 1:10 DJ AM gives Jeff the floor and he just starts tearing the shit out of Run DMC’s “Peter Piper”. If you are a fan of turntablism or Hip-Hop at all, you shouldn’t miss this video.

Audio: N.A.S.A. – “The Mayor” featuring The Cool Kids, Ghostface Killah, Scarface, and DJ AM

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nasaWhile more and more material from North America South America, better known as N.A.S.A, leaks out I get more an more anxious to listen to the whole disc front to back. The beyond ambitious group is making noise amongst all crowds with prior leaks featuring Lil Wayne and another featuring Chuck D, not to mention tracks that feature Tom Waits and Karen O.

This track though comes close to being the best leak thus far. “The Mayor” is a track that bangs from front to back, reminding listeners of what rap and hip-hop infused can really result in. The collaborative effort is astonishing considering the amount of talent on one track. I’ve gotta say that Ghostface takes the cake and really makes the track, which is somewhat disappointing for high my hopes were for the Cool Kids on this album.

Give a listen for sure though, and be sure to check out the album release February 17th on Squeak E. Clean records

mp3: N.A.S.A. – “The Mayor”

The making of Spirit of Apollo documentary below: