Foreign Exchange Put Out Sophomore LP: Leave It All Behind

European beat sensation Nicolay and Little Brother emcee Phonte (together as Foreign Exchange) just realeased the digital copy of Leave It All Behind on Tuesday (The hard copy comes out on the 10th in Europe and the 14th in the States). Phonte has been on the scene since Little Brother go together back in 1998. Nicolay and Phonte starting making music back in 2004 with the Foreign Exchange album Connected that debuted on record label BBE. The first album they put out was truly an innovation to the genre of Hip-Hop, but also to genres such as soul and R&B. If Leave It All Behind is anything like Connected was we may have another classic on our hands folks. I highly encourage you to go out and get the digital copy or purchase the album when it comes out on October 14th. You can be sure that once I get a good listen of this album I will have a full review up.


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