Evidence: The Layover

Evidence released his single titled “The Layover” from his forthcoming EP called The Layover EP today and judging by the sounds of it EV is going to be putting out more material that is going to make its mark. Evidence has been one of the hardest working cats in the Hip-Hop game over the last year. He is putting out a free mixtape (The Layover Mixtape) sometime this month, The Layover EP (Due out November 25th), Cats & Dogs (His new album due out next year) and there is a new Dilated Peoples album in the works for next year. Evidence made his mark on the scene as a solo artist last year with the critically acclaimed The Weatherman LP which was easily my favorite album of last year and featured the songs: Mr. Slow Flow and Chase The Clouds Away. All of the “layover” material coming out in the next few months is supposed to “hold us over” until next year when his new album comes out. To be honest I have been patiently waiting until he puts out more material. Evidence is quickly rising to the top of my favorite artists in the game.

Check Out “The Layover”


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  1. i agree with this post

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