Little Brother: Passion Flower

Well, it looks as if my boys from the Raleigh/Durham area are back at it again with another single (on a sidenote 9th produced the track, that’s why he’s in the picture). The new track is called “Passion Flower” and it is going to be off of their re-release and “drama” free mix tape Separate But Equal (the drama free part is that there will be no DJ on the mixtape, and the mix tape will also feature 3 previously unreleased tracks (It’s kind of similar of the re-release of the And Justus for All mixtape). Out of the three mixtapes (Chittlin Circuit 1.5, Seperate But Equal and And Justus For All) that LB has put out, Separate But Equal is my favorite, and I am going to be very interested to hear what they do with it. It’s great to hear Pooh and Phonte working with 9th Wonder again, they’ve done so many amazing things for Hip-Hop in the past and hopefully they can do the same in the future. With Pooh and Phonte being so busy, who knows if we will see another Little Brother album this year, my guess is going to be no (Phonte has the new Foreign Exchange, and Big Pooh has a new album he is working on right now). Please go and get Separate But Equal: Drama Free Edition on November 4th when it drops. In the mean time, sit back, relax and enjoy this beautiful Little Brother track as it hits your eardrums, because you know there is nothing like a 9th Wonder, Big Pooh and Phonte track: Dope beats, dope rhymes what more could ya’ll want?

Passion Flower


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