Get Your Georgie Fruit On

Georgie Fruit, the alter ego of Of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes, and his sex crazed erotic fantasy world have been brought to the masses on Of Montreal’s new tour in support of the modern day Ziggy Stardust album Skeletal Lamping. Not only is the album release over the top (coming packaged with a shirt, lamp, sticker, bag, etc.) and can be found at Polyvinyl Records, but the new stage set is absolutely ridiculous. Of Montreal has been known to put on a pretty elaborate show in the past (i.e. dumping applesauce on the crowd) but the horse-riding, dancer choreographed, and gallow-filled stage set at their show in New York this past weekend takes the cake. Barnes and Co. played 25 songs, but what’s more impressive may be the 30 costume changes throughout. Lucky for us midwesterners, Of Montreal will take their traveling circus of a stage to both Minneapolis on October 25th (which yours truly has tickets to) and to Milwaukee the next night. Get your tickets for the First Ave show here or for the performance at the Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee here. Don’t miss an opportunity to see this once in a life-time spectacle, or twice in a life-time if you were as scenester in the 80’s and a big Bowie fan.    

p.s. Did I mention that they covered “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for an encore? well yeah, they did. 

People who do it better than I do: (tons of great pictures)   

Stereogum   Pitchfork  You Ain’t No Picasso


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