Boredoms plans a Deluxe CD/DVD release for 77BoaDrums

Are you familiar with with the psychedelic ambient noise makers in Japan’s Boredoms? If not, do yourself a favor and get informed on that now. For those of you already on the boat, I’m sure you heard about the near-mythical 77BoaDrums concert that took place. An event in which the ever-unpredictable Boredoms gathered an orchestra of 77 drummers from various backgrounds and with kits of varying sizes for an epic syncopated jam of primitive, avant-pyschedlia. Well, now thankfully for those of us who were not fortunate enough to attend the 7/7/07 concert in Brooklyn, Boredoms will be releasing their poly-rhythmic drum jam from that day as a CD/DVD on November 26.

Their set that day suceeded in accomplishing something that was altogether unbelievable (and was only to be superseded this year by the 8/8/08 88BoaDrums set featuring 176 drummers). 77BoaDrums
can be thought of as a film, directed by Jun Kawaguchi, and even the concept of the project follows through to the ediiting. The movie is 89 minutes, which is approximately 77 minutes and 777 seconds you want to think too hard about it. Although it appears that the DVD won’t contain the entire 77BoaDrum film, it is clear that this project is one that’ll be worth the buy. If you want to see the entire concert again, you have to make it to the screening of 77BoaDrum Tokyo’s NYTFGP Film Festival in New York on Monday, October 13. Director Kawaguchi will be present for a Q&A at the first of two screenings scheduled that night, and will introduce the second. Stay tuned to and to find out how to preorder this beast of a release!

It’s going to fucking kick ass!

Here’s some exercepts from YouTube, just to give you an idea of the complexity of organizing an event like this (much less making an amazing film about it):


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  1. Can I play the bongos?

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