Mixtape: RP3 Present J Dilla – “Midnight Snack”

So there seems to be an endless amount of J Dilla material out there, and by “seems to be” I mean, there is. Whether it’s original material leaking out, Dilla mash-ups, Dilla collaborations, or what I’m about to discuss at length, Dilla Mixes. 




The newest Mix to hit the Dilla enthusiast circuit, Midnight Snack, is a unique blend of jazz influence and smooth hip-hop from Dilla’s long and storied catalogue. Running just over an hour, this mix is the perfect treat for that “midnight snack” that we all crave. It’s mellow and calm, yet it doesn’t bore the listener at all. The entire mix flows so well, mixing in various vocal sample, my favorite being from the lady who adorns your glorious voicemail. 

I might be over-matched trying to review this tape, seeing as I’m not the biggest Dilla fan in the world, or even on Mind Inversion. But I think it’s nice to have news about the guy coming from someone who doesn’t absolutely worship him. So yeah, with a level head and an honest conscious I can say without a doubt that any lover of music will enjoy this mix. You don’t have to appreciate Dilla, you don’t have to have a ph. d. in hip-hop, just sit back, turn the lights low, work on some homework maybe, and enjoy this awesome awesome stellar mix of beautiful music from a legend.

8.8 yummy tasty delicious scrumptious donuts out of 10




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