WAVVES live at the Market Hotel NYC 2/6/09

wavves-nyctaperSo there is this band called Wavves floating around out there. If you’ve been following music at all lately it’s likely that you’ve ran across his name. But his music you ask, what’s it all about? Ummm…. I don’t have an answer, not at all, I can’t make up my mind on Wavves. Whether I like it, hate it, don’t care about it, etc. I’m leaning towards hating it though, which, though upon first sight may seem like a bad thing, is probably a sign that I’m going to grow and come to love it. Seemingly every band I listen to today I’ve hated at one point or another (animal collective, jens lekman, broken social scene) so maybe this backlash is a good thing. Who knows, but what I DO know is that NYC taper captured another great concert, it’s Wavves obviously, playing some new tracks along with older cuts from his self-titled debut. Set list and more info about Wavves below, Enjoy!

[total time 20:28]
01 Weed Demon
02 California Goth
03 Rainbow Everywhere
04 So Bored
05 [tuning]
06 Sun Opens My Eyes
07 [equipment problem]
08 Wavves

Wavves live at the Market Hotel 2/6/09

(the site has been getting crazy traffic for this, so bear with the error if you get one and hopefully it’ll be all good soon.)

Dig Deeper: Myspace   Official 

MP3: WAVVES – “Weed Demon”


3 Responses to “WAVVES live at the Market Hotel NYC 2/6/09”

  1. Please don’t post the direct link to the mp3s, if you care about the server overload.

  2. alright, i switched those links out. sorry guys

  3. jamo speakers review…

    […]WAVVES live at the Market Hotel NYC 2/6/09 « MIND INVERSION[…]…

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