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Mind Inversion Exclusive Interview: Cage & Aviary

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cage and aviary interview picture

Part man, part machine, part cockatiel, Cage & Aviary take flights of fancy whenever they can.

Cage & Aviary, one part Jamie Paton and one part Nigel of Bermondsey, are busy people. They run a record label, they DJ, they produce, they jam. Their most recent release, the stellar Television Train/Suburban 12″ out now on DFA records (the euro version), has catapulted their success to a global scale. The two came stateside to play some of their first ever American DJ gigs in Los Angeles. So as their legend grows, and as their music continues to amaze, be sure to check them out. The two were nice enough to sit down and fill out a nice e-mail correspondence for Mind Inversion as well. Enjoy! (Nigel isn’t much for the talk)

Mind Inversion: So I’m barely 19 and have a limited knowledge, yet great appreciation and love of disco and house records from days gone by. I feel like all of your tracks draw upon very historic music, and music that most mainstream listeners don’t have an ear for. Elaborate on this idea, What from the past has influenced your music?
Jamie: I guess the short answer is lots of things, but that’s not much in the way of elaboration! We both bring lots of different influences to the mix, but our tastes also blend in some areas too – we both love the whole post-punk NY art-pop stuff like Talking Heads, and the Mancunian 80s new wave punk-funkers like A Certain Ratio and early New Order. We also have much love for the whole island records thing. A lot of this stuff when listened to now doesn’t sound mainstream but at the time, when the charts were made up of less formulaic production-line music, these oddball records made it into the upper reaches of the charts, I think it was an amazing time for popular music. Aside from all of that, I guess I bring more of a disco and house thing to the mix.
Nigel: I agree

MI: What is your model for creating music? I know you guys are involved in various other projects, so is the way you guys create started separately and then fused together at a different time, or is it more of the just sit down together with a plan and create tracks?
Jamie: We just sit down and jam really, see what comes out and take it from there. Recently we’ve been getting our live DJ set thing together, and the practice sessions for that have really produced some great new material, or at least starting points for them.
Nigel: I concur

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Exclusive (Old) New LCD Soundsystem – “Starry Eyes Original”

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       While “Starry Eyes” got a somewhat official release back in 2007 when James Murphy and crew were tearing up your summer playlist, the track was coupled on the tail end of the amazing “Freak Out / Starry Eyes”. Waxploitation and their running Causes benefit album series were lucky enough to score a stand alone studio recording of “Starry Eyes” on Causes 2

LCD        If you haven’t heard the song yet or if you’re a newcomer to the awesomeness that is LCD Soundsystem, “Starry Eyes” might not be the best starting point, but it’s a track that is gleaming with synthesizers more reminiscent of some of the other artists on DFA. The track doesn’t even feature Murphy on vocals, instead trading him in for now Juan Maclean faithful Nancy Whang. 

      It’s a fairly repetitive track, relying heavily on the echoing snare hits and lyrics that come across as scattered and just plain weird. It’s by no means LCD’s best effort, but it’s a cool gem for long time fans because it introduces and exemplifies various aspects of the band that are rarely seen on their records. Enjoy!

LCD Soundsystem – “Starry Eyes Original” Causes 2 Exclusive

250 for $250

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      It’s the week of exclusive and limited releases. Yesterday saw Animal Crack Box come and go, and today brings the Arcade Fire documentary Miroir Noir to fans in a special way. With all proceeds going to the Partners In Health program that raises money to “deliver high quality healthcare to the poor, and to break the cycle of poverty and disease.”

      So here is what you get:

Miroir Noir Special Edition DVD and Packaging + Automatic Download

The Accordion Style Packaging SIGNED by Arcade Fire

Exclusive Limited Edition silk-screened poster

      But act soon, as the package is strictly limited to 250 copies. Each copy will set you back $250 as well, but hey, it’s for an awesome cause. If you haven’t seen the doc yet though, be sure to pick up at least the standard edition for a much lighter $20. 

Get the Exclusive Gift Package NOW!

Valentine’s Day Audio: Cymarshall Law – “Luve Story”

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Cymarshall Law drops an exclusive track for Valentine’s day. What a nice guy. “Luve Story” is a beautiful song, and definitely a perfect treat for this day of love. The lyrics are maybe a little over-played and cheesy, but hey, if there is ever a day for such nonsense, today is that day. The track is a lot more soulful and smooth than anything on his album releases, which I really enjoy. “Luve Story” is the perfect track for those who couldn’t get into Cymarshall’s other material and a great gift on this day of celebration. Enjoy, and tell someone you love them!


MP3: Cymarshall Law – “Luve Story”

Mixtape: RP3 Present J Dilla – “Midnight Snack”

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So there seems to be an endless amount of J Dilla material out there, and by “seems to be” I mean, there is. Whether it’s original material leaking out, Dilla mash-ups, Dilla collaborations, or what I’m about to discuss at length, Dilla Mixes. 




The newest Mix to hit the Dilla enthusiast circuit, Midnight Snack, is a unique blend of jazz influence and smooth hip-hop from Dilla’s long and storied catalogue. Running just over an hour, this mix is the perfect treat for that “midnight snack” that we all crave. It’s mellow and calm, yet it doesn’t bore the listener at all. The entire mix flows so well, mixing in various vocal sample, my favorite being from the lady who adorns your glorious voicemail. 

I might be over-matched trying to review this tape, seeing as I’m not the biggest Dilla fan in the world, or even on Mind Inversion. But I think it’s nice to have news about the guy coming from someone who doesn’t absolutely worship him. So yeah, with a level head and an honest conscious I can say without a doubt that any lover of music will enjoy this mix. You don’t have to appreciate Dilla, you don’t have to have a ph. d. in hip-hop, just sit back, turn the lights low, work on some homework maybe, and enjoy this awesome awesome stellar mix of beautiful music from a legend.

8.8 yummy tasty delicious scrumptious donuts out of 10



Mind Inversion Exclusive Q & A with Ancient Crux

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Fresh off crafting one of the best new releases of 2009 with the Interracial Coupling EP, Travis von Sydow of Ancient Crux was kind enough to answer a few burning questions that we here at Mind Inversion had for him. Enjoy!


Mind Inversion: First off, are you a Roy Orbison fan? What do you think about all of the feedback linking what you’ve done to him?
Ancient Crux: Oh Yeah, I’m definitely a fan. I wouldn’t really compare my music to his personally, but it is flattering to hear that about my songs. Someone wrote that I sound more like something Roy Orbison shit out, and I think that is a bit more accurate.

MI: How serious is Ancient Crux? You’re a young guy and are involved in Rapid Youth as well. Is this, or any musical project, your ultimate goal?
AC: I don’t know that I have an ultimate goal, I love being in both bands, and I just want to be able to play music with my friends forever. I’m willing to take either band as far as they’ll go, but I’m not tying to be Axl Rose or anything.

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