New Audio: Black Lips – “Trapped in a Basement”

While I’m not, by any means, a huge fan of the Black Lips, usually one or two from each album usually gets my attention enough to put on repeat for a while. Their third album, due to drop the 24th of this month, entitled 200 Million Thousand has been getting some play around the blogosphere as of late. This cut comes courtesy of the great people at I Guess I’m Floating. “Trapped in a Basement” is a bit of a change from their other material, but for me at least, it’s a welcome change. Shifting from the sound that makes me want to smash an empty beer bottle over my friends head, “Trapped” takes it down a notch while still remaining interesting. The lo-fi production remains, the scratchy vocals remain, but along with this track comes the lingering feeling that these guys would have fit in perfectly with the Doors, Yardbirds, and other classic rock groups. 

It’s definitely worth a look, and it’s definitely going to put some people off, but in the end I believe it’s a great step forward for the psych-rock-grunge band. Keep your eyes out for this release on the 24th on Vice Records. Enjoy!


mp3: Black Lips – “Trapped in a Basement”


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  1. these guys are fantastic, causing havok everywhere they go! check out the article on the artrocker site-

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