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Mind Inversion’s Sound Immersion 04/09 (Vol. 3)

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It’s that time again! Mind Inversion is back with our monthly playlist and this month we’re keeping it simple. After doing an influences themed list last month, for April we’ve all simply contributed some songs that each of us has been loving enough to keep on repeat lately. This mix should give you all something fresh to start your Spring off right. Listen in, and if you enjoy, please seek out more information on these artists; as always, we’re covering all the bases, and we guarantee high quality on these tracks.

The photo above was taken by our friend Eddie Ecker out in Oregon. This week and month should be very green, and I think this photo conveys that green feeling nicely.

01. Black Lips – “Starting Over
02. Daughters of the Sun “Gong the Divider”

03. Cunninlynguists – “Seasons”

04. Gomez – “Airstream Driver”

05. Torche – “Across The Shields”

06. Easy Star All-Stars (featuring the Meditations) – “No Surprises (Radiohead cover)”
07. DOOM – “Gazzillion Ear”

08. School of Seven Bells – “Chain”
09. Kill the Vultures – 14th St. Ritual
10. The Juan MacLean – “The Future Will Come”

11. Graf Orlock – “Run Over By A Truck
12. The Crystal Method – “Comin’ Back”
13. Royce Da 5’9″ (featuring Canibus and Elzhi) – “Royal Flush Freestyle”
14. Peter Bjorn and John – “Stay This Way”
15. The Airborne Toxic Event – “Sometime Around Midnight”
16. Battlefields – “The Thresholds”

The podcast of our playlist is waiting for you behind this next link. All that you have to do is click “read more”… Continue reading


Gza and the Black Lips team up at SXSW

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Playing only a few tracks together, and sounding rightfully out of sync, Gza of the Wu-Tang Clan and garage punkers the Black Lips took the stage at this week’s South By Southwest Festival. The footage comes courtesy of adkenc, and for being the middle of the crowd, picks up the audio very well. Gza spits over-top of the the basic and strange instrumentals that the guys put out. It’s like watching a DJ try and put together a really bad beat for a freestyle, it repeats the same kind of rhythm over and over and doesn’t seem to go along with the actual tune that Gza is trying to recreate. So yeah, It was a great idea in theory, and I’d encourage more cross genre stuff like this stuff, but this time it didn’t seem to work too well. Check it out for yourself though, Enjoy!? and check out more from adkenc HERE

New Audio: Black Lips – “Trapped in a Basement”

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While I’m not, by any means, a huge fan of the Black Lips, usually one or two from each album usually gets my attention enough to put on repeat for a while. Their third album, due to drop the 24th of this month, entitled 200 Million Thousand has been getting some play around the blogosphere as of late. This cut comes courtesy of the great people at I Guess I’m Floating. “Trapped in a Basement” is a bit of a change from their other material, but for me at least, it’s a welcome change. Shifting from the sound that makes me want to smash an empty beer bottle over my friends head, “Trapped” takes it down a notch while still remaining interesting. The lo-fi production remains, the scratchy vocals remain, but along with this track comes the lingering feeling that these guys would have fit in perfectly with the Doors, Yardbirds, and other classic rock groups. 

It’s definitely worth a look, and it’s definitely going to put some people off, but in the end I believe it’s a great step forward for the psych-rock-grunge band. Keep your eyes out for this release on the 24th on Vice Records. Enjoy!


mp3: Black Lips – “Trapped in a Basement”