Pitchfork Media Site Gets Overhaul, Now Rating Individual Songs

Great, as if their rating system for albums was ridiculous enough, now here comes this. Ever want to just hear one song off an album and not even give it a fair chance? Well now you can do just that thanks to indie music giant Pitchfork Media. They’ll be rating individual songs and remixes when they come out from now out, on their re-designed website. The most interesting change to the layout is the GIANT ad banner at the top, nice touch Apple (hehe). The site looks a little more streamlined and important, so yeah, good job I guess. Things can only go down hill from here, as Pitchfork looks to cater to the growing population of music listeners who want a single only. Goodbye albums, nice knowing ya.

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Goodbye sanity and innocence, hello future!

Goodbye sanity and innocence, hello future!


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