A Movie That is Truly “Straight Outta Compton”

nwaThat’s right folks, you can all start jumping up and down yelling “Fuck the Police, Fuck the Police, Fuck ’em”. An article that I read today at Hip Hop DX mentioned that Dr. Dre, Ice Cube & Tomica Wright (Eazy E’s widow) are all going to be on board as well as producers of the movie. The article also said that they are thinking about a director somewhere along the lines of Curtis Hanson (who directed 8 Mile).

I can’t imagine how gangsta this movie is going to be. N.W.A influenced an entire generation of emcees on the independent circuit and paved the way for cats who wanted to rap for a living.  They did all of  the aforementioned information all while telling a After the success of the movie Notorious I really think that this movie, as well, could be a smash at the box office.

Check out the Old School Video for “Express Yourself”


4 Responses to “A Movie That is Truly “Straight Outta Compton””

  1. This is a good look but it will take everyone involved, setting aside their egos to make this work

  2. CB4—anyone?? CB4 anyone?? watch this movie before you decide watching this movie would be anything worth viewing…chris rock dominated it….funniest poke at gangster rap since drinking juice in the hood.,…..CB4 pretty much hits home to what it was like for these dudes, give or take a few minor details and probably less funny….

  3. oh well, chris rock is damn funny. i like his corny jokes and stuffs “*-

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