The Alchemist Teaches His Chemistry To Akai Pro

alchemist560 As I’ve mentioned before, Alchemist is one of the best producers in the game right now. Al sat down with the good people of Akai Pro and talked to them about many things, and one of them being how he uses the MPC for production. As many of you may or may not know, Al has been doing tracks for everybody from Mobb Deep to Ludacris in the last 10 years. He is also going to be putting out 3 albums this year (Chemical Warfare, Step Brothers (with Evidence) & Grangrene (with Oh No)) which is a staggering statistic as it is, because everything Al puts out is quality.

The interview probes into a lot of interesting areas of Al’s production. He goes into great detail when he ‘s talking about why legendary producers have always used the MPC for production, but in general he says: “[The] MPC always has and always will be the standard as far as when you’re talking about rap, beats and production. You know, my favorite producers from day one were Premier – MPC. Pete Rock? MPC. Diamond D? MPC. I mean I could go down the list forever. It’s pretty much the standard. It’s good to be able to even follow in those footsteps and keep that tradition going forward. You know, making music that comes out of that machine it sounds crazy.”

Make sure you check out this interview and get all the details because it’s a great insight into the mind of a genius. You can read the original interview here, and make sure you stay tuned to all of the info on the Alchemist’s up and coming projects here on Mind Inversion.


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