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Concert Recap: The Crinn, Zebulon Pike, The Body Beneath, Ambassador Gun @ Triple Rock Social Club

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The Crinn(The Crinn)

Zebulon Pike live @ Triple Rock Social Club(Zebulon Pike)

The Body Beneath live @ Triple Rock Social Club(The Body Beneath)

Ambassador Gun live @ Triple Rock Social Club(Ambassador Gun)

Our exclusive photo coverage of the The Crinn’s must see return show and their equally awesome local support continues after the jump. Enjoy! Continue reading


Napalm Death’s “Time Waits For No Slave” music video might just be the wake-up call you need!

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Napalm Death‘s Time Waits For No Slave was released earlier this year, but except for a few glowing reviews, I haven’t seen the album covered nearly as much as it deserves. Well, finally the grindcore legends have released their first music video for the album, and I’m hoping this nice little clip will give them enough push to get them back on the radar screen of all the music outlets that aren’t as dedicated to the extreme metal underground as we are here at Mind Inversion.

MUSIC VIDEO: Napalm Death, “Time Waits For No Slave” (from Time Waits for No Slave)

Terrorizer posts new 2009 demo track online

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Jesse Pintado may have passed on a few years ago (R.I.P.), but that doesn’t mean that the genre-defining grind lords of Terrorizer have been stopped in their tracks. The band just posted their first recording since Jesse died in 2006 from liver failure, and it’s obvious that they are not softening up due to age or sadness. This release may be a little bit too soon for those still mourning Jesse, but I for one think its fantastic return and an appropriate continuation of the legendary groundwork begun by Pintado. One word: KILLER!

LISTEN: Terrorizer, “Hordes of Zombies (demo)”

A big week in the year of the grind; Brutal Truth, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, and Graf Orlock

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I’m just going to get this out of the way quick, and that’s they way it should be. Any of my friends of the grind would have my head this week if I failed to mention the legendary amount of super high quality grindcore hitting the streets today. Seriously, you might not believe me, but when grindcore purists ( there such a thing?) are reminiscing about the glory days of their genre in 25 or 30 years, it wouldn’t be strange for them to think back on April 14, 2009 vividly with fond recollection.

The most prominent release from the realm of grindcore this week comes from Brutal Truth, who are back for their first full-length album in over 10 years – and they sound about a million times more intense (and relevant!) than most of the “reunions” taking place in the world of music these days. The band is now hosting a high quality stream of their new album, Evolution Through Revolution, over at Though I’m pretty sure I’ve already said this in a previous post, I’ll say it again; even from the stream you can tell, the tones are sounding absolutely devastating on this one. Almost 20 years after they started playing sick and twisted grindcore, Brutal Fucking Truth is back to show that they are actually still the sickest kids and they’ve gots 20 new tracks of riffs and pure chaos to prove it.

Agoraphobic Nosebleed‘s Agorapocalypse is one of the most exciting grindcore releases I think I’ve ever heard. Admittedly I had easily grown tired of ANB’s cybergrind in the past, but had to go pick this one up yesterday as soon as I could after weening myself on the “Agorapocalypse Now” track that they posted online last month. Scott Hull and co. begin the album with “Agorapocalypse Now”, a song which jumps right in the middle of the battlefield with a grunt and a blood-curdling squeal before breaking free into blastbeat driven madness. Agorapocalypse is an album that still festers with the unhinged madness that ANB is known for, but this time around the insanisty is anchored to a devastating, steamrolling groove that continues to build and bang beneath the guitar thrash and vocal onslaught. Hull and his trio of vocalists have outdone themselves on this one, with an grind that sounds so fresh and thus appropriate for an introduction at this time of year (Spring, duh!). Stream it here and hear for yourself!

And finally, but no less awesomely (grm? whatevs) the cinema grind masters in Graf Orlock have returned to officially unveil their new album of ferocious, grating,  thrash and grind. Destination Time Today is the band’s third release in a trilogy of grindcore albums that have already shown the band to be carrying the torche of angry grindcore into the future as high as anyone. The band tends towards noise rock a bit more than their strictly-metal brethren in BT and ANB, but their blastbeats are no less brutal and their riffs no less headband inducing. It’s a great thing when you can literally feel the blood, sweat, and emotion reverbrating from an album, and I can feel it from every second of this album.

So there you have it, friends, your week in grindcore! Now click some links, get these albums, and start headbanging because grindcore is reinventing itself in 2009!

The Crinn plan to enter Signature Tone Studios to record Nuclear Blast debut in May

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St Paul’s  technical/jazz metal wizards in The Crinn, recent signees to the prestigious international Nuclear Blast metal label, have checked in with a new update from the rehearsal space where they’re working to prepare their forthcoming NB-label debut Dreaming Saturn. As the guys said in a post at their blog, it’s been quite a while since they’ve “posted anything & played anywhere”, but just because we haven’t heard many new songs doesn’t mean The Crinn isn’t hard at work. They’ve finally finished the writing stage and are now ready to move to recording. The guys will move their operation to Signature Tone Studios in Minneapolis on May 15th to begin tracking with Adam Tucker with Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate in Oakland, CA doing the mixing and Alan Douches at West West Side in New York doing the mastering. While we’re waiting until October 9th (the official release date) to get our hands on the album, the band was kind enough to post several videos from their writing sessions to give us a taste. We’ve posted the most recent one below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.,/p>

Sunday Metal Minute: Graf Orlock, “Run Over By A Truck”

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Man, if there were one song title that aptly described how my head feels right now on Sunday morning, it’s this one. But nonetheless, I’ve got a lot of stuff that I have to accomplish today, and Graf Orlock‘s “Run Over By a Truck” (from their new album Destination Time Today) is giving me the proper kick in the ass I need to start my chores.

As a fan of of the heavy, I just can’t help but love a song that sounds so fucking sick and nasty. The heavy riffage on this gem of modern grindcore is caked in dirty, crusty grime and the vocals are spastic and chaotic like no other.  Not more than 3 minutes ago I was grudgingly accepting the fact that I’d be in a hard-headed mood today, but the refreshing  grind of  Gorlock’s “Run Over By A Truck” has helped me thrash the bad vibes out instantly. Thank you, Graf Orlock.

MP3: Graf Orlock, “Run Over By A Truck” (from Destination Time Today, available now)

Sunday Metal Minute: Agoraphobic Nosebleed, “Agorapocalypse Now”

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ANBThe Massachusetts gore-grind mind Scott Hull is on the loose again, and this time it’s his Agoraphobic Nosebleed violent grind onslaught that’s doing the damage. On “Agorapocalypse Now”, the current tri-vocal combination between Jay Randall, KAT, Richard Johnson is doing wonders for the ANB sound and while it’s still gritty, chaotic, thrashy, and messy, it’s a much more digestible sound than what was found on the outfit’s earlier albums. Scott Hull has made a way for his violent electronic death grindand to sound almost classic, in a way. Anyone who was hasn’t payed attention to Agoraphobic Nosebleed in a few years should tune back in; Scott Hull is the riffmaster and this band is in the finest form of the existence.

Listen: Agoraphobic Nosebleed, “Agorapocalypse Now”

Sunday Metal Minute: Cephalic Carnage, “Lucid Interval”

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This week, Mayhem’s Blackened Fest tour was announced, and with such a well-rounded list of band’s scheduled to play, it can be easy to overlook some of the talent that will be on stage before they get to play.

Cephalic Carnage may be the biggest misfits of the entire tour, if only for the reason that they actually inject some humor into their brand of technical death metal. Over the course of the years, I’ve seen Cephalic Carnage playing support at nearly every type of aggressive show; death metal, hardcore, thrash metal – you name it, they’ve played it. The beautiful part about it is that they typically start these sets as unknowns, but no matter who they’re playing with, they always win over the entire crowd by the end. During their last performance at Triple Rock, they incited even bigger pits than the headliner, Darkest Hour, and their hilarious costume changes and over-the-top antics were laugh-out-loud funny with their clever pointedness.

Cephalic Carnage has had a long and storied career in the death metal/grind underground, and they’ve got incredible newer albums, like their recent Xenosapien, but this video of  “Lucid Interval” from their 2002  album of the same name sums up their approach perfectly. Cheap and gritty, dirty and sickening, brutal, and truly hilarious.

Black metal storming into Minnesota in June 2009

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It’s not often that Satan blesses this state with prestigious black metal tours (despite many of our resident’s strong Norwegian ancestry), but it appears that someone downstairs has some particularly evil plans for the region in early June. Just this week, two massive underground metal tours were announced, both headlined by some of the most feared band’s BM has to offer.

The most noteworthy show announcement is the Mayhem, Marduk concert on June 9th at Station 4 that is being opened by Cattle Decapitation, Cephalic Carnage, and Withered. Honestly, there will be so much awesome packed into this night that I’m having a hard time getting my head around it. I have not had the chance to see Norway’s Mayhem yet, but the well published details surrounding their gruesome history and sickening live show has me really intrigued. Marduk is equally imposing, and are sure to satisfy the many in Mayhem’s legions. Of all the performances, Cattle Decapitation is the “must-see” band; they are always very impressive live, and this year they are going to be supporting what I believe to be the best release of their career. The hilarious dudes of Cephalic Carnage will most likely incite a great brutal tech mosh fest to get things going, and the Withered performance will surely be an eye-opening starter for those who have not yet caught wind of their incredible technical black metal meets grindcore on their recent Folie Circulaire.

Hopefully the Mayhem show won’t wear out the local black metal fans too much, because on June 15th, Station 4 will be home to the CIII tour featuring long-running and revered USBM band Absu, with support from their labelmates Glorior Belli, Averse Sefira, and Sothis. Right now Absu is only a few weeks from releasing their highly antipated new self-titled album, and by the time this show hits St. Paul I’m sure it’ll still be on my heavy rotation playlist. Even after nearly 20 years as a band, their profile is still clearly rising, and for good reason.

Keep reading for the full tour schedules… Continue reading

Sunday Metal Minute: Cattle Decapitation, “The Gardeners of Eden” & “A Body Farm”

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The vicious, technical new album called The Harvest Floor from San Diego-based modern grindcore/death metal forerunners Cattle Decapitation was just released last week by Metal Blade, and it’s fucking awesome. Put bluntly, this isn’t your typical 1 minute slash-n-burn straight-for-the-jugular grind that many seem to practice; this is some well-structured, epic music! Go to the band’s myspace now to hear the massive, chaotic opening tracks from the album, “The Gardeners of Eden” and “A Body Farm”. Over at Buzzgrinder, vocalist Travis Ryan had this to say about the songs:

“1. “The Gardeners of Eden”
This is the last song we wrote for The Harvest Floor as we knew we needed to craft the way the album starts out and we already had the song that was going to be the last song on the album. I like subtle reference things like staying with formulas or patterns with mostly everything but the music, that’s their job anyways. Such as using Garamond and Edwardian Script fonts together and laying out the art similar to the previous release. The same goes for this song. This is yet another anti-Christian song kicking off the record. Whereas “Unintelligent Design” (2006’s Karma.Bloody.Karma) dealt with the idea that if in fact humans are the work of a creator, he’s certainly a fallible fuck then… “The Gardeners of Eden” focuses more on the “creation” as being a destructive juggernaut hell-bent on eroding the planet. The title raised an eyebrow or two within the other band members when I told it to them (I come up with song titles first then write the lyrics) and it almost didn’t come to fruition. I explained the whole “well, the world is like the Garden of Eden and us as humans trim and cut down the garden so that makes us “gardeners”” and I kind of just went with it and it works even though the term “gardener” isn’t very brutal. Funny thing is, it was inspired by the track “People” by Boyd Rice in which he refers to the natural order of life needing “a brutal gardener” once in a while to trim some of the fat(humans) off the land(planet earth).

2. “A Body Farm”
Musically this song sort of spills out of the first track as it is connected by feedback ring-out and an atomic bomb blast. The idea of the “brutal gardener” spills into this as well in the form of a sociopathic crime scene investigator that runs a “body farm”. A body farm is a controlled environment operated by forensic specialists that emulates environmental effects on cadavers. They literally place real dead humans on the ground and study everything from causes of death to time of death and so on. The problem is, this guy has one in his backyard and his subjects are works of his own doing: he is also a serial killer and his victims are also the ones that help him solve other crimes. I thought I was really fucking clever with this until our graphics guru Cain was reading the lyrics as he was laying out our album and said “hey, this is just like that show Dexter!” He proceeded to tell me about the show Dexter where the guy is a serial killer as well as a blood spatter analyst. I promise you, I had loosely heard of the name of the show before, but never had any idea what it was about before writing this song. I’ve started watching it and it’s actually really good! Excellent cinematography… Anyways, I need to get cable. This show is rapidly getting up there with my favorite show ever Curb Your Enthusiasm, even though it ripped me off… that was a joke.”

Gotta love the creativity in these  gems (and Ryan’s Curb reference..). These guys called Cattle Decapitation also recently recorded a new video for the song “Regret and the Grave” (seen pictured in a still above) which will presumably be available online soon. Right now, they’re out on a short Southwest/West coast tour with Psyopus, Book of Black Earth, and Gigan.

LISTEN: “The Gardeners of Eden”  & “A Body Farm” (from The Harvest Floor, 2009)