Felt 3 producer revealed + free track!


And the winnner is……Aesop Rock! That’s right, Aesop Rock will be producing the new Felt album, the tribute still TBA. Rhymesayers released a track yesterday evening for FREE called “Protaganists” with MURS proclaiming “The Felt boys are back, the boys of summer / and this time ya boy Aes Rock is the drummer”.

I was excited to hear the track, but I am a little disappointed with the Aesop Rock selection. While he is a capable producer, I thought RSE and Felt would be pulling something crazier and less expected. Regardless, the track is pretty good, you can download it below or visit the RSE website.

Download Felt – “Protagonists” (prod. Aesop Rock) (right click and save as)


5 Responses to “Felt 3 producer revealed + free track!”

  1. crazier and less expected?? i think the fact that they are letting someone like aes do the tracks is pretty unexpected consideriing he’s more well known as a rapper and hasnt yet produced an entire album

  2. yea but Aes hangs out with RSE all the time. its a likely choice. o well

  3. aes has produced several albums, most of his tracks are his own beats, as well as the nike all day mix, and all the other tracks he’s done for other cats lps

  4. Oh for sure man, he’s just not the guy that I would suspect to be behind the boards for this one.

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