Fashawn Talks Boy Meets World & Alchemist Mixtape

Fash 2There aren’t many up and coming emcees that have the hype that Fashawn has garnered for himself. He’s already got Evidence & Alchemist backing him like crazy, not to mention that he has a full length album coming out that is produced entirely by Exile. Needless to say, if you have had your ear to the ground for the the last year or so, you should know about Fash by now… I read an article on HipHopDX about this guy, and he seems like he is one hell of a worker when it comes to doing his thing.

Fashawn’s aforementioned debut album with Exile, Boy Meets World, is going to be pushed back to October because of personal issues that he has to tend to. According to the article, the fans can expect a lot of 90’s influence on this album from the likes of Common, Nas & Gang Starr. One can say that there may be  great deal of nostalgia attached to this album.

All of you heads out there need not worry. Fashawn will be releasing a mixtape with Alchemist which will be coming soon. This is what Fash had to say about working with ALC, “Hanging around Alchemist all day, you know I’m hearing the best beats you can possibly imagine and I’m writing the craziest shit you can possibly imagine”.

It sounds like we can expect some bright things from Fashawn in the future, this guy seems to be the future of West Coast Hip-Hop right along the side of emcee Blu & Evidence. Make sure you stay tuned, I will have my eye open for any news that pertains to this guy.

You can read the original HipHopDX article here.


One Response to “Fashawn Talks Boy Meets World & Alchemist Mixtape”

  1. THIS Dude should make ALLOTA jaded folks smile!…Fresh as Hell,NO ‘Real Talk’ just REAL talk,and slick beat journeys…

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