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To All of You Lucky Enough To Be Attending Coachella…

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You better not miss the Flying Lotus show. It turns out, he will be debuting his new album for the fans during his live set at Coachella. I am truly envious of anyone that gets to experience this opportunity. Cosmogramma was one of my favorite records of 2010, and I can assure you that FlyLo’s new album is going to be spectacular; everything that this guy puts out seems to be synonymous for incredible. If you were lucky enough to get tickets, you really shouldn’t pass up an opportunity for a first listen to one of the best albums of 2012.


Flying Lotus, “Aunties Lock”

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I was over at Sound Verite, and needless to say I caught this gem over there. If you haven’t gotten up on Steven Ellison (Flying Lotus) yet, you are missing out on some fantastic music. If you were to toss Dilla, Madlib & Prefuse 73’s styles into one unique sound, that is what Fly Lo would sound like. It’s so hard to put a finger on what style his music is, you could easily call it Electronica, but on the other hand you could easily call it Hip-Hop as well. I’ll leave the judging to you. If you get the chance, get all of his work that he’s put out. Everything that this guy has done has been nothing short of exemplary. His L.A. EP 3×3 is now out on limited vinyl via Warp Records as well.

Download: Flying Lotus, “Aunties Lock”

Finale Gives Some “Paid Homage” To Dilla

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finale 2

I’m so glad that 2DopeBoyz had this leak today. This track, “Paid Homage”, is probably my favorite track off of Finale‘s debut album A Pipe Dream And A Promise. It contains a bomb ass beat done by Flying Lotus, which was originally FlyLo’s tribute to Jay Dee’s beat on the Slum Village track “Fall In Love”. Make sure you check this one out, Finale shows respect to the late and very great  J Dilla in classic fashion.

Download: Finale, “Paid Homage” (Prod. By Flying Lotus)

Album Review: Finale, A Pipedream And A Promise 

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Finale is an emcee from the city of Detroit, Michigan who magnificently marvels me when he flows over the microphone. He has afinalecover voice that’s like a cross between 50 Cent and Kanye West (if I had to say) except for he’s much mightier than the aforementioned names. If you don’t know who Finale is, you probably should get familiar. This is an outstanding opus and a great entrance into the world of Hip-Hop that should be heard by all.

People that know me well know that when it comes to albums, production (to me) is a big determining factor on how I feel. The production on this album is nothing short of incredible and sets the tone of the album. If this was an instrumental album of just beats, I can assure you that I would give it an 8 or 9 alone. I remember seeing the production list and being amazed (J Dilla, Black Milk, Nottz, Flying Lotus & Khrysis to name a few), but what really surprises me more is that the lesser known producers craft concoctions that are just as good as the rest. Continue reading