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Mastodon unveil music video for “Oblivion”

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Mastodon continues to impress with their spacey music video for “Oblivion” from the new album Crack the Skye, their third video helmed by psychedelic guru Roboshobo. Truthfully, their partnership seems to be paying off, because the man(?) has been able to consistently accomplish the seemingly impossible task of creating a visual document that accurately translates the incredibly visual auditory experience of Mastodon’s music. If Mastodon’s Crack the Skye concept movie really does take shape, we can be sure that Roboshobo will deliver with one of his own picture perfect interpretations if he’s the one behind it…

MUSIC VIDEO: Mastodon, “Oblivion”

Sunday Metal Song: Kylesa, “Said and Done”

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Kylesa just came to Minneapolis last week for a performance at the Fine Line, but with all the lavish attention thrown at Mastodon, it maybe was unfortunately too easy to overlook the incredible show that these Savannah, GA natives put on that night. This post is here to straighten out anyone who can admit to this shame.

“Said and Done” is a grandiose track that showcases all this brilliant band’s  best qualities; bombastic cascades of drum thunder are the anchor to some of the thickest guitar grooves this side of Entombed and enough nasty psychedelic metal embellishments to make anyone’s jaw drop. Kylesa is clearly firing on all cylinders these days, and they sound they best I’ve heard from them so far! Check it out for yourself – courtesy of SXSW.

MP3: Kylesa, “Said and Done” (from Static Tensions, available now)

Vampire Hands and Daughters of the Sun both stream new songs

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Local music fans look to be poised for one amazing year of psychedelic rock; within the fast few weeks, both Vampire Hands and Daughters of the Sun have uploaded new music from their forthcoming releases.

Vampire Hands are kind enough to present their listeners with two entire tracks streaming on their MySpace page for their soon-to-be-released Hannah in the Mansion full-length album. As someone who endlessly enjoyed the low-key psych rock of last year’s Me and You Cherry Red, this release is on my highly anticipated list; hearing these new songs hasn’t dampened my expectations at all. “Funny Stories” is a smoky, dark, sneering pop rock song that seasoned fans will be sure to appreciate, and “Invisible Stairs” is a new adaptation for VH – noisy, heavily layered orchestration and sound effects that retains their folksy charm but sees them progressing noticeably. Head to their site to listen in, and keep returning to Mind Inversion to see when we can expect an official release for Hannah in the Mansion!

LISTEN: Vampire Hands, “Invisible Stairs” (from Hannah in the Mansion, forthcoming)
LISTEN: Vampire Hands, “Funny Stories” (from Hannah in the Mansion, forthcoming)

Daughters of the Sun is a Minneapolis band that embraces psychedelia to an even more noticeable degree, and now their MySpace page is now hosting an excerpt of “The Long Way”, an extremely ethereal and meditative mirage of sound from the bands new album Ring that helped transport this listener to another dimension. Truthfully, the hallucinogenic rhythms and enchanting vocals are sure to only be a small precursor of epic noise adventure that is about to be released. This is an album to pay attention to, my friends! Follow the link below for a taste.

LISTEN: Daughters of the Sun, “The Long Way (excerpt)” (from Ring, available 4/25)

Keep reading to learn about the ongoing Wavves/Vampire Hands U.S. tour (show at the Entry on 4/5!) and see local dates from Daughters of the Sun (w/ an entry show on 4/2!)… Continue reading

So this Matthew Mondanile guy is the man

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Matthew Mondanile is the lead man for the band Real Estate, and solo man on the project Ducktails. Matthew Mondanile pretty much rocks. There seems to be quite a backstory for the guy too, which I’m trying to sweep together piece by piece as well. But it’s easy to find out how great his music is. Check out a clip of an interview he did for Viceland:

It’s a basic tip, but it sounds like a good one.
Yeah. So at New World Hot Dog we’d listen to music and drink beer. Before I was introduced to Pacific City I was pretty bummed and didn’t know how to focus my jams. I was scatter-brained – I traveled to different places while I was in Pacific City, like Finland, Spain, Granada and just chilled with my friend Brittany. Granada’s one of the most beautiful places…

Hold on – what island did you say Pacific City was on?
I’m not really sure. It’s somewhere between New Jersey and Asia.

Does it exist in the physical world?
For some people, yes. But not for others.


So there is Real Estate, a four person band New Jersey. And apparently the band spend a great amount of time on the Jersey shore growing up, many of their track titles and themes for the lyrics seem to be derived from the mist and crashes of the busy shore. You can hear it in the first few seconds of “Pool Swimmers,” there is this misty and fuzzy sound lingering above all that is going on. The slow moving guitar, not on in “Pool Swimmers” but in other tracks as well, creates a very comfortable atmosphere for the listener. Their snares have a spooky feeling to them as well, reminding me of a one Ancient Crux I featured on here a while back. The watered-down and distant vocals feel right at home, nestled down below all of the interweaving of the music. If Brooklyn and the Caribbean had a kid, he’d make music like this. 

Real Estate – “Beach Comber”

And then there is Ducktails. The much more adventurous and experimental outlet for Mondanile. I guess I’ll stick with my hypothetical children theme and say that Ducktails is like the bastard child of Panda Bear and Air France. For growing up in New Jersey this guy sure does have a grasp on the sunny beach theme. “Beach Point Pleasant” is a looping masterpiece, with a sample starting things off and continuing throughout the entire piece. The track seems to exemplify what Ducktails is all about, stringy guitar and peaceful mellotrons, little to no vocalization, and presto: it’s 1968 and you’re sitting the beach with a young Brian Wilson. 

Ducktails – “Beach Point Pleasant” 

I feel terribly naive talking about this man’s music, for it seems as though there is a lot more to take on than what I have for the past few days. But I love what he does, and I want you to love it as well. So obviously I would highly encourage giving either of the two actsducktails a spin, especially this time of the year Ducktails can at least make you feel like it isn’t still below freezing outside, ha. (I’ve been running a cabin fever theme on here for years it feels like). Most of all though, support what you like, buy a record, buy one Ducktails tapes even. It’s bands like this that make me keep a great perspective on music and its influence on me. It can make me smile and weep with the same loop, hanging on the twang of every string. Cliched? fuck it. I love music.

These Arms Are Snakes plan split release with All The Saints (on Touch and Go?)

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These Arms Are Snakes are pushing the art of the split release like no other these days, and have announced plans to put out a limited split 7″ with upcoming tourmates, All The Saints. This is the fifth split they’ve planned in the last two years, and right now it’s one of two that are expected this year (the other is the Minus the Bear split that was already announced).  Despite releasing an amazing new album at the end of last year entitled Tail Swallower and Dove that provides enough furious and progressive post-hardcore to satisfy those looking for new material, TAAS still isn’t able to sit still and just tour like normal musicians.

On this split with All the Saints, These Arms are Snakes side of the split features the track “Washburn” (a Japan-only bonus from the Tail Swallower.. album) in addition to artwork from Alicja Trout. Apparently, Touch and Go Records will be releasing the split within the next month or so, but there’s no word whether the massive (and very sad) cuts that Touch and Go announced today will hold up this release. My guess is that the vinyls have already been pressed, but who knows?… Hopefully it will be available in time for when TAAS comes through Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis with All the Saints and Darker My Love this Thursday, February 26th. Either way, it’s been a few years since I’ve had the chance to catch their gig and I’m looking forward to a wild show.

Keep reading for all the band’s upcoming US tour dates… Continue reading

Concert Review: Fujiya & Miyagi, School of Seven Bells @ 7th Street Entry

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Fujiyai & MiyagiFujiya & Miyagi came to the 7th St. Entry on Wednesday Feb. 11th with School of Seven Bells, and the show was nothing short of spectacular. The sold out basement club was packed wall-to-wall with a crowd who were highly anticipating the opening performance from SVIIB, and their fuzzed out, dreamy, drony psychedelic pop created an intoxicating atmosphere that did not fade until they left the stage. Sounding ultra classic, futuristic, AND foreign all at once, the twins of School of Seven Bells blend heavenly melodies over the hypnotic driving backbone of Benjamin Curtis’s guitar and electronic experimentation. Fujiya & Miyagi were even more powerful than I imagined they would be, with their bouncy electronic psych rock aided by the powerful presence of a full band. Depending on the point in their set, the crowd might have been dancing to the rhythm or swaying to the spacey fretwork; either way, it was always all fun for those who were wise enough to stick around. We were there all night and were able to snap a few photos; view them below!

Fujiyai & Miyagi(Fujiya & Miyagi)

Fujiyai & Miyagi(Fujiya & Miyagi)

Fujiyai & Miyagi(Fujiya & Miyagi)

Fujiyai & Miyagi(Fujiya & Miyagi)

School of Seven Bells(School Of Seven Bells)

School Of Seven Bells(School Of Seven Bells)

School Of Seven Bells(School Of Seven Bells)

School Of Seven Bells(School Of Seven Bells)

Don’t stop there! We’ve got LOTS more great photos after the jump! Click read more to keep viewing the album: Continue reading

Concert Photo Recap: Solid Gold, Military Special @ the Uptown Bar

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Solid Gold and Military Special played to another full venue on January 28th, 2009 at the Uptown Bar in Minneapolis. Enjoy these photos:

Solid GoldSolid Gold

Solid Gold

Solid Gold

Solid Gold

Solid Gold

Solid Gold
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