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Of Montreal debut two new songs, continue covers rampage

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kevin-barnes Of Montreal continue their romp through the world of covers. Though my favorite to this point is either “Day Man” from It’s Always Sunny or “Melody Day” by Caribou, this cut of The Beatles White Album classic “I’m So Tired” is pretty great. 


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Performed in-studio for 90.7 WFUV, Kevin Barnes and friends strip the song down just a little bit but build to an ending that’s just as sentimental as the original song. I’ve been a huge fan of nearly all OM’s acoustic studio tracks in this nature (including the awesome tracks they did for The Current here in Minneapolis). Barnes’ unique voice and styling has a way of shining even more than on record in this format which is pleasing to note, along with his awesome scarf-glasses combo which he probably has patented by now. 

And if you missed it earlier in the week, Of Montreal played a few new tracks at the Music Hall of Williamsburg as well. It’s live, so yeah the audio isn’t perfect, but what is for certain is that OM hasn’t missed a beat since Skeletal Lamping. The tracks are little bit more rock-ish than anything they’ve done to this point, but it all seems a natural progression if you listen to their last two or three albums. They can do no wrong for me, especially after seeing them on their off-the-wall tour this fall. Enjoy!

Of Montreal – “Like a Tourist”

Of Montreal – “Conquet Coquet”

Album Review: Of Montreal – “Jon Brion Remix EP”

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David Barnes delivers again with the album art

David Barnes delivers again with the album art

Following the release of one of 2008’s best albums Skeletal Lamping, Of Montreal recruit Mr. Everything Jon Brion to mix up some of the albums better tracks. Having worked in the past with Elliott Smith, Kanye West, and Spoon, and also helping produce the soundtrack to Boogie Nights, Eternal Sunshine, and Magnolia Brion certainly has a hand for crafting magnificent tracks. So my hopes were undoubtedly high for those various reasons.

Disappointment from Of Montreal, however; is few and far between. Any band that covers “Day Man” is in good regard for a long time. This EP follows in that pattern pretty well, delivering to fans of the LP some pretty good material that’s a little more ready for the dance floor than the original recordings. The one downfall of this release is that it really doesn’t offer much in the way of anything “new” at all, like I said, the tracks just get a nice shape up for dj’s planning to play their most sexually explicit set of all time.

The reconstruction of “An Eluardian Instance” really doesn’t deviate from the original at all, but what it adds in the repetition and tempo change is welcome. The acoustic version of Eluardian though is quite a treat. The track isn’t stripped down to its absolute bare bones, and I might dispute calling this “acoustic,” but the slow rythm brings out the beautiful voice of Kevin Barnes and more importantly the lyrics become more apparant than ever. And what is Skeletal Lamping worth without the lyrics? Not much.

“Gallery Piece” gets the Brion treatment next, and the last three tracks all play off the same cut. Including the remix and the extended remix is an instrumental of the remix. It’s an exhausting task trying to listen to all three of these front to back, taking away from the feel of this actually being an EP rather than a single or a 12″. The original remix is great though, and it’s definietly the higlight. This cut gets the biggest mix treatment, shortening from the lengthy album version to a more friendly version that plays pretty quickly. The extended cut repeats itself so much that it’s almost annoying to listen to after the five minute mark, but die-hards will still love. (I kind of still did).

If you listened to Skeletal Lamping and loved it, or maybe even just liked it, this EP should definetly be in line for a purchase. The tracks are fun and play fairly fast, catering to the busy lives we all lead. So save some time, practice your dance steps, and come 200 times a day with the Jon Brion remix EP.

7.5 sexual escapades out of 10

mp3: Of Montreal – “An Eluardian Instance” Acoustic Version

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Get Your Georgie Fruit On

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Georgie Fruit, the alter ego of Of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes, and his sex crazed erotic fantasy world have been brought to the masses on Of Montreal’s new tour in support of the modern day Ziggy Stardust album Skeletal Lamping. Not only is the album release over the top (coming packaged with a shirt, lamp, sticker, bag, etc.) and can be found at Polyvinyl Records, but the new stage set is absolutely ridiculous. Of Montreal has been known to put on a pretty elaborate show in the past (i.e. dumping applesauce on the crowd) but the horse-riding, dancer choreographed, and gallow-filled stage set at their show in New York this past weekend takes the cake. Barnes and Co. played 25 songs, but what’s more impressive may be the 30 costume changes throughout. Lucky for us midwesterners, Of Montreal will take their traveling circus of a stage to both Minneapolis on October 25th (which yours truly has tickets to) and to Milwaukee the next night. Get your tickets for the First Ave show here or for the performance at the Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee here. Don’t miss an opportunity to see this once in a life-time spectacle, or twice in a life-time if you were as scenester in the 80’s and a big Bowie fan.    

p.s. Did I mention that they covered “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for an encore? well yeah, they did. 

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