Album Preview: The Juan MaClean – “The Future Will Come”

The Juan and Nancy, names to remember in '09

The Juan and Nancy, names to remember in '09

It’s been four years in the making. It’s going to be featuring some of the best talent around. It’s being released on DFA. It ends with one of the best singles of 2008.

The Juan Maclean returns with a bang in 2009 with The Future Will Come, slated to be released on April 14th. The buzz surrounding this album and the anticipation along with it is unmatched. His last release in 2004 entitled Less Than Human has become a cult sensation thanks to the growing popularity of DFA records.

What makes the release so exciting is the fact that it features, as previously mentioned, the 2008 single “Happy House.” The track brought a new weapon to the Juan that wasn’t really utilized in the past: vocals. Fans of past DFA material should recognize the voice, seeing as she’s worked with headliners LCD Soundsystem for years now on their albums and live shows. It’s Nancy Whang, of course.

“In my career as the Juan Maclean, my guiding principle was to start out more dance-y and instrumental, and someday bow out making flat-out, three-and-a-half-minute pop songs”

Apparently drawing most of his influence from the album from The Human League, the Juan is moving into the realm of more 80’s styled pop music instead of the Air and Daft Punk instrumentals he has been known for on his albums and DJ sets. dfalogo2

The guests on the album are absolute outstanding as well. Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel, the two halves of Holy Ghost! help out on the album, unknown whether its an actual contribution or production. Either way it’s good news. The Juan bring in !!! drummer Jerry Fuchs as well, again playing with new elements that a drummer that potentially loud and energetic can bring to the album.

I don’t want to crown this the Hercules & Love Affair of 2009 since I haven’t heard it yet, but the people involved in this project and the influences it draws upon point to success and success only. So save the date, April 14th. Track listing below:

1. “The Simple Life”
2. “The Future Will Come”
3. “One Day”
4. “A New Bot”
5. “Tonight”
6. “No Time”
7. “Accusations”
8. “The Station”
9. “Human Disaster”
10. “Happy House”

DFA records The Juan Maclean Nancy Whang

mp3: The Juan Maclean – “Happy House”

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  1. ’s heavy hitters have been on a role

    ’s heavy hitters have been on a roll

    unless you meant that in some Friedrich Brecht sense

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