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The Juan Maclean remix “No You Girls” for the awesome new Franz Ferdinand album

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Though Tonight: Franz Ferdinand was as mediocre as album releases get, and despite my high hopes for it, there were certain songs that still made me tap my toe. Namely “No You Girls”.  You know, the one on the iPod commercial. Anyway, Franz Ferdinand was apparently just as unhappy with the album as I was, so they gave it another try…

Tonight Franz———–>   Blood Franz

Blood: Franz Ferdinand is a track-by-track dubbed-up, electro-exploding remix of Tonight: The album was redone by the band themselves, but there were a few extra cracks at “No You Girls”. There was a Blood: version, now called “Katherine Hit Me”, but in addition to that The Juan Maclean, Vince Clarke, and Trentmoller also remixed the already dance floor single. I’ll of course be hyping up all 8 and a half minutes of the Juan Maclean mix, but the original that Franz did is actually just as stellar. 

The Juan version though is a sprawling reverb heaven. With thousands of vocal over-and-overs, and synthesizers that build to more space themed synths, the track feels at home in the ever growing DFA catalogue. The vocals are right in line with Juan’s material lately, the hap-hazardly-hearted themes, the laughable heartbreak, and so on. The music construction of the song, the Juan production, is simply amazing. It builds, it fades, it blasts. The perfect formula for a remix, a trick that’s usually missed my most remixes. Instead of just trading in the essence of “No You Girls” for Justice-esque noise, The Juan instead carefully edits, manipulates and reconstructs an already fun single into an epic post-disco masterpiece. Bask in it’s greatness people. Or just passively listen, either will work. Enjoy!

Franz Ferdinand – “No You Girls (The Juan Maclean Remix)”


Mind Inversion’s Sound Immersion 04/09 (Vol. 3)

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It’s that time again! Mind Inversion is back with our monthly playlist and this month we’re keeping it simple. After doing an influences themed list last month, for April we’ve all simply contributed some songs that each of us has been loving enough to keep on repeat lately. This mix should give you all something fresh to start your Spring off right. Listen in, and if you enjoy, please seek out more information on these artists; as always, we’re covering all the bases, and we guarantee high quality on these tracks.

The photo above was taken by our friend Eddie Ecker out in Oregon. This week and month should be very green, and I think this photo conveys that green feeling nicely.

01. Black Lips – “Starting Over
02. Daughters of the Sun “Gong the Divider”

03. Cunninlynguists – “Seasons”

04. Gomez – “Airstream Driver”

05. Torche – “Across The Shields”

06. Easy Star All-Stars (featuring the Meditations) – “No Surprises (Radiohead cover)”
07. DOOM – “Gazzillion Ear”

08. School of Seven Bells – “Chain”
09. Kill the Vultures – 14th St. Ritual
10. The Juan MacLean – “The Future Will Come”

11. Graf Orlock – “Run Over By A Truck
12. The Crystal Method – “Comin’ Back”
13. Royce Da 5’9″ (featuring Canibus and Elzhi) – “Royal Flush Freestyle”
14. Peter Bjorn and John – “Stay This Way”
15. The Airborne Toxic Event – “Sometime Around Midnight”
16. Battlefields – “The Thresholds”

The podcast of our playlist is waiting for you behind this next link. All that you have to do is click “read more”… Continue reading

Album Review: The Juan MacLean – “The Future Will Come”

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thejuanmacleancover2DFA record’s heavy hitters have been on a role for the past couple of years. 2007 brought Sound of Silver, 2008 had Hercules and Love Affair, and this year the Juan MacLean return with their first full length album since under-rated 2005 sensation Less Than Human.

This time around though, the amazing Nancy Whang has been platooned to help transform The Juan’s sound into the more vocally driven and pop (ish) sounding realm. It’s an addition that was welcome by fans salivating at the chance to hear anything new from a guy that released one of the most stearling singles of last year, “Happy House.” That track ended up being the closer to The Future Will Come, making the euphoria at the end of this album more amazing than any other record I’ve heard this year. 

But let’s jump back to the beginning. “The Simple Life” sets the pace for the album, at an almost exhausting eight minute length, Nancy’s presence on the album is made clear from the first verse. She’s been featured on tracks throughout the DFa catalogue, but here she is finally the center of attention, and like I said, it’s a welcome addition as her voice complements the relaxed minimal house that The Juan is so famous for producing. 

But the most interesting aspect of the new album might be Juan MacLean himself actually getting some good time on the mic. On past albums he was simply an afterthought, focussing the music much more on the music. Even when vocals were used in the past, like on the single “Give Me Every Little Thing” they were from outside personas, not himself. So jump to track two, the title track, and thirty seconds in “The Future Will Come” gets a nice break down, filled in by Juan getting nasty on the vocals. I have to say, he’s probably a terrible singer, but his half spoken and omnipotent voice jumps off the record, “The future will come I’ve had a vision, your popularity is a deep revision.” 

It was like hearing Antony Hegarty or Kim Ann overtop of Andy Butler’s production last year. The vocals slapped me in the face, and the music itself didn’t lose a beat. When it’s all boiled down, the album will be praised for its production and not he lyrics or the vocalization, despite that being the biggest change on the the album. The notable singles off the album, the previously mentioned “Happy House” and Simple Life” along with the ten minute long “Tonight” which falls right in the middle of The Future Will Come, reminding fans of older Juan MacLean material that he can still put together sprawling and layered house music that makes tap your toe and drop your jaw with the same dub pattern. 

The Future Will Come will undoubtedly be remembered for its slight revision in the formula that made the man a legend. Whether it’s for better or worse is yet to be decided, I personally love it though. Die hards might point to songs like “No Time” that last a mere three and a half minutes, pulsating with dancy synths and littered with both Whang and Juan’s vocals. “Just because you body’s human, you don’t have that much to offer. When I’m deep inside of you I feel like there’s not much to do to satisfy your petty yearning” Mr. MacLean opens the track stating. Nancy counters with “tomorrow when then morning comes, I’ll be ready to get home. Thank you for the lovelyup-juan evening, everybody needs some loving.” So the two partners play off each other very well, both in character and in the production. 

Ultimately it all comes back to “Happy House.” The epic, yes epic, twelve and a half minute ramp through classic disco production mixed perfectly with the new vocal contribution is set to get more playing time than it already got last year. The track never loses touch with what it is, maintaining a steady bpm and a perfect rhythm throughout. Nancy jumps in at the three minute mark, with beautiful keyboard rotating in the foreground she captures the listener, “You came to me from my history.” Skip to the eight minute mark, highlighted by an amazing break down that features an awesome bass hook revolving Nancy yelling “Launch me into space!” And the last few minutes do that too, adding much more heavy synth layers to the already funky beat that is carried throughout the entire song. It builds and builds to a euphoric ending, capping what is not only the best track of 2009 next to “My Girls” but what is one of the top albums of ’09 as well. 

If you haven’t heard the Juan MacLean before now might be your chance. The vocals add a fun perspective to the music, now a lot more than just house production and airy synths the Juan offers some of the greatest minimal electro has to offer. Another notch in the belt for DFA The Future Will Come simply can’t be over looked, if not just for “Happy House.”

The Juan Maclean – The Future Will Come    9 out of 10

MP3: The Juan MacLean – “No Time”

Why is it so cold still?!

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Oh man, I’m so sick of this weather. I’m praying for the day when I can just open my window and enjoy some fresh air without having to look outside and see it snowing. So I’ve pretty much become a total recluse again this week, avoiding the said cold, and reading the internets all day ‘n night (sorry, can’t get that song out my head). Sad for me, but good for you. I’ve uncovered and gathered some of this week’s highlights in the music world. Video, mp3s, etc. So curl up by the fireplace, and Enjoy!

Starting things off is the video for the new Juan Maclean track “One Day.” This track has come as somewhat of a surprise to me after hearing the first two singles off the album run around the ten minute mark each; thinking that The Juan would revert to more 12″ mix type material, “One Day” has more of a pop track than anything else I’ve heard. The track also focuses heavily on Nancy Whang’s vocals, something that has drawn me towards the album ever since it’s inception. “One Day” doesn’t amaze me, but it’s good, and I can’t wait to hear the full album. From The Future Will Come due out April 21st 2009 on DFA Records.

Next is the video to the stellar N.A.S.A. track “Gifted.” For all of you who haven’t heard the album yet, I’d suggest checking it out. There’s a lot to like about the album, its features everyone from Tom Waits to Ol’ Dirty Bastard, but “Gifted” features the heavyweight of them all: Kanye West. Though I’m not a huge fan and his first verse on here sort of upsets me, (no Kanye, people wore tight pants before you did) I do enjoy the track. Oh yeah, and did i mention Santogold and Lykke Li are on it too? Give it a look see. Liftoff! Spirit off the Apollo is out now on Anti Records.

There was plenty of new tracks/remixes/edit etc floating out there this week as well. I won’t go too in depth about them, but as always I’d suggest the Calvin Harris remix and probably the Times New Viking cover of The Arcade Fire as well. Enjoy! and stay warm ;)

Calvin Harris – “I’m Not Alone (See You At The Festival’s Remix)”

Times New Viking – “Neighborhood #1 (tunnels) (Arcade Fire Cover)”

Passion Pit – “Reeling”

The Arcade Fire – “Wake Up (Where The Wild Things Are Trailer Version”

Album Preview: The Juan MaClean – “The Future Will Come”

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The Juan and Nancy, names to remember in '09

The Juan and Nancy, names to remember in '09

It’s been four years in the making. It’s going to be featuring some of the best talent around. It’s being released on DFA. It ends with one of the best singles of 2008.

The Juan Maclean returns with a bang in 2009 with The Future Will Come, slated to be released on April 14th. The buzz surrounding this album and the anticipation along with it is unmatched. His last release in 2004 entitled Less Than Human has become a cult sensation thanks to the growing popularity of DFA records.

What makes the release so exciting is the fact that it features, as previously mentioned, the 2008 single “Happy House.” The track brought a new weapon to the Juan that wasn’t really utilized in the past: vocals. Fans of past DFA material should recognize the voice, seeing as she’s worked with headliners LCD Soundsystem for years now on their albums and live shows. It’s Nancy Whang, of course.

“In my career as the Juan Maclean, my guiding principle was to start out more dance-y and instrumental, and someday bow out making flat-out, three-and-a-half-minute pop songs”

Apparently drawing most of his influence from the album from The Human League, the Juan is moving into the realm of more 80’s styled pop music instead of the Air and Daft Punk instrumentals he has been known for on his albums and DJ sets. dfalogo2

The guests on the album are absolute outstanding as well. Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel, the two halves of Holy Ghost! help out on the album, unknown whether its an actual contribution or production. Either way it’s good news. The Juan bring in !!! drummer Jerry Fuchs as well, again playing with new elements that a drummer that potentially loud and energetic can bring to the album.

I don’t want to crown this the Hercules & Love Affair of 2009 since I haven’t heard it yet, but the people involved in this project and the influences it draws upon point to success and success only. So save the date, April 14th. Track listing below:

1. “The Simple Life”
2. “The Future Will Come”
3. “One Day”
4. “A New Bot”
5. “Tonight”
6. “No Time”
7. “Accusations”
8. “The Station”
9. “Human Disaster”
10. “Happy House”

DFA records The Juan Maclean Nancy Whang

mp3: The Juan Maclean – “Happy House”