Peter Bjorn and John have “Nothing to Worry About”

Peter Bjorn And John’s new album Living Thing hasn’t dropped quite yet, out officially March 31st, but a few of their singles from the new album have been leaking out. Most notably is the overly-happy and upbeat “Nothing to Worry About.” It’s a track that changes a lot of what PB&J have been known for. Gone is the clean style and extreme likable-ness in exchange for distorted and nearly lo-fi vocal choruses. I’m personally a huge fan of the track, I think it’s a great step for the band especially after the under-rated SeasidepbjRock instrumental album. Some of the instrumentals on the track are very derivative of what they created on Seaside Rock, but the vocals are nothing like their past material… No whistles, sorry guys. Though “Nothing to Worry About” is certainly a track you could find yourself whistling to. It’s a fun song, very danceable, very fun, and yet nothing too outlandish or silly like some tracks of Writer’s Block. It’s a great track, hands down. Check it out below, Enjoy!

MP3: Peter Bjorn & John – “Nothing to Worry About”  off of Living Thing out March 31st.

I promised more remixes and Mash-ups too, so here you go. It’s one of the most sampled and mashed up tracks I know of- B.I.G.’s “Party and Bullshit” with the new aforementioned “Nothing to Worry About.” And while many of the crazy mash-ups out there today fail miserably, this one actually does a pretty fine job of staying sane and accomplishing what any remix should do, it makes you want to put a giant grin on your face and groove your feet all night long. I love this edit, I love the original, I love music. And I hope you do too, Enjoy!

MP3: Peter Bjorn & John vs. Notorious BIG – “Nothing to Worry About, Just Party and Bullshit” (Dave Wrangler Mash-up)


One Response to “Peter Bjorn and John have “Nothing to Worry About””

  1. Great single. Nasty mash-up with B.I.G. Why oh why?
    Thanks for the mp3 single though
    D x

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