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Wild Style Wednesday Review: Blue Scholars, Bayani

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bayani I think the first time I heard about Blue Scholars was in Spin Magazine or a similar publication. I recall the memory because I was reading a review of their album Bayani. The review that I read was highly favorable, and naturally I wanted to see what the hype was all about. Prior to buying the album, I had never really listened to any artists from Seattle. I mean I knew West Coast Hip-Hop was dope, just not this dope. Bayani is one of my favorite albums I’ve picked up over the last couple years. I’ve been listening to this album a great deal since I found out about it, and to be put quite simply, it never gets old. Continue reading


“Fash Plays it Cool”

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The Antidote

Thanks to Shake for the heads-up on this gem. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Fashawn is going to be putting out a mixtape entitled The Antidote that is solely produced by Alchemist. This is the first leak off of the mixtape, and it is called “Fash Plays it Cool”. This track is incredibly fresh, and it makes me want to hear the finished project even more. Fashawn is one of the dopest emcees on the West Coast right now, and as you know Alchemist is very nice with the beats. These two getting together is something that should happen way more often. Even though I’ve said it at least a million times, make sure you go out and get Boy Meets World when it drops on October 20th.

Download: Fashawn, “Fash Plays it Cool” (Prod. By Alchemist)

Blu, NoSleepForaDay EP x Open(theInstrumentalLP) (Downloads)

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I want to send a mad shout out to 2DopeBoyz, as always, for posting these two gems. I had caught eye of these projects last week, but was unable to get them up because of school priorities. Blu has been one of my favorite West Coast emcees since he dropped the album Below The Heavens with Exile. These two projects that he’s released are instrumentals that he’s as of late. A lot of cats might be pretty pissed that Blu is just producing and not rhyming, because everyone knows Blu is very nice with the mic. Either way, I’m glad to hear that he’s constantly making new material, and I can’t wait for another proper full length release. Follow me after the jump to download both projects. Continue reading

Fashawn Talks Boy Meets World & Alchemist Mixtape

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Fash 2There aren’t many up and coming emcees that have the hype that Fashawn has garnered for himself. He’s already got Evidence & Alchemist backing him like crazy, not to mention that he has a full length album coming out that is produced entirely by Exile. Needless to say, if you have had your ear to the ground for the the last year or so, you should know about Fash by now… I read an article on HipHopDX about this guy, and he seems like he is one hell of a worker when it comes to doing his thing.

Fashawn’s aforementioned debut album with Exile, Boy Meets World, is going to be pushed back to October because of personal issues that he has to tend to. According to the article, the fans can expect a lot of 90’s influence on this album from the likes of Common, Nas & Gang Starr. One can say that there may be  great deal of nostalgia attached to this album.

All of you heads out there need not worry. Fashawn will be releasing a mixtape with Alchemist which will be coming soon. This is what Fash had to say about working with ALC, “Hanging around Alchemist all day, you know I’m hearing the best beats you can possibly imagine and I’m writing the craziest shit you can possibly imagine”.

It sounds like we can expect some bright things from Fashawn in the future, this guy seems to be the future of West Coast Hip-Hop right along the side of emcee Blu & Evidence. Make sure you stay tuned, I will have my eye open for any news that pertains to this guy.

You can read the original HipHopDX article here.

Grouch, Eligh & Slug Make That Shit Go “!BOOM!”

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Here is the newest video from Grouch & Eligh for the track “!BOOM!” off of their latest effort Say G&E. The track is dope as hell, and it features Atmosphere frontman Sean Daley. From what I have heard of Say G&E, it is definitely a good outing by Grouch & Eligh with some great West Coast flavor. If you haven’t check out the album yet, make sure you do.

Spotted @ Midwest Broadcast

A Movie That is Truly “Straight Outta Compton”

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nwaThat’s right folks, you can all start jumping up and down yelling “Fuck the Police, Fuck the Police, Fuck ’em”. An article that I read today at Hip Hop DX mentioned that Dr. Dre, Ice Cube & Tomica Wright (Eazy E’s widow) are all going to be on board as well as producers of the movie. The article also said that they are thinking about a director somewhere along the lines of Curtis Hanson (who directed 8 Mile).

I can’t imagine how gangsta this movie is going to be. N.W.A influenced an entire generation of emcees on the independent circuit and paved the way for cats who wanted to rap for a living.  They did all of  the aforementioned information all while telling a After the success of the movie Notorious I really think that this movie, as well, could be a smash at the box office. Continue reading