My life has been sucked away

Okay so I have been and will continue to be basically incommunicato for the next week. 18 credits the week before finals and 30 a week at work will do that to you. The music world, sadly, goes on without me. But here is a round-up of various ongoing over the past few days.

1. Calvin Harris remixes Passion Pits new single “The Reeling”

2. White Denim released a new track entitled “Mirrored and Reverse”

White Denim – “Mirrored and Reverse”

3. Phoenix gets remixed twice. Once by Classixx another adding a Dub. They play this tour date (be there): 06/23 Minneapolis, MN @ Varsity

Phoenix – “1901 (Ivan Beck Dub)”

4. I have to give two presentations now. Hope you enjoy! See you in a week!


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