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The Juan Maclean remix “No You Girls” for the awesome new Franz Ferdinand album

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Though Tonight: Franz Ferdinand was as mediocre as album releases get, and despite my high hopes for it, there were certain songs that still made me tap my toe. Namely “No You Girls”.  You know, the one on the iPod commercial. Anyway, Franz Ferdinand was apparently just as unhappy with the album as I was, so they gave it another try…

Tonight Franz———–>   Blood Franz

Blood: Franz Ferdinand is a track-by-track dubbed-up, electro-exploding remix of Tonight: The album was redone by the band themselves, but there were a few extra cracks at “No You Girls”. There was a Blood: version, now called “Katherine Hit Me”, but in addition to that The Juan Maclean, Vince Clarke, and Trentmoller also remixed the already dance floor single. I’ll of course be hyping up all 8 and a half minutes of the Juan Maclean mix, but the original that Franz did is actually just as stellar. 

The Juan version though is a sprawling reverb heaven. With thousands of vocal over-and-overs, and synthesizers that build to more space themed synths, the track feels at home in the ever growing DFA catalogue. The vocals are right in line with Juan’s material lately, the hap-hazardly-hearted themes, the laughable heartbreak, and so on. The music construction of the song, the Juan production, is simply amazing. It builds, it fades, it blasts. The perfect formula for a remix, a trick that’s usually missed my most remixes. Instead of just trading in the essence of “No You Girls” for Justice-esque noise, The Juan instead carefully edits, manipulates and reconstructs an already fun single into an epic post-disco masterpiece. Bask in it’s greatness people. Or just passively listen, either will work. Enjoy!

Franz Ferdinand – “No You Girls (The Juan Maclean Remix)”

My life has been sucked away

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Okay so I have been and will continue to be basically incommunicato for the next week. 18 credits the week before finals and 30 a week at work will do that to you. The music world, sadly, goes on without me. But here is a round-up of various ongoing over the past few days.

1. Calvin Harris remixes Passion Pits new single “The Reeling”

2. White Denim released a new track entitled “Mirrored and Reverse”

White Denim – “Mirrored and Reverse”

3. Phoenix gets remixed twice. Once by Classixx another adding a Dub. They play this tour date (be there): 06/23 Minneapolis, MN @ Varsity

Phoenix – “1901 (Ivan Beck Dub)”

4. I have to give two presentations now. Hope you enjoy! See you in a week!