Mind Inversion began in October 2008 as an ongoing written conversation between several friends with origins in the Midwest. While it seems writers from the coasts tend to dominate the conversation about music and culture in the media, we intend to provide an avenue to express our opinions that we think are relevant about the topics that we think are relevant. This site is not meant to focus on any one topic in particular, but is instead intended to serve as an expression of our insights on any number of given music and cultural topics (especially local and regional) that we think deserve each others attention – and yours. We open you come to the conversation with an open mind and a willingness to discuss…

If you enjoy what we are building, let us know if you would like to contribute writing or submit art or music to be reviewed. (We prefer emails with zip files – PLEASE research our writers briefly so that you can send the mail to the appropriate contributors to be reviewed).

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About mind inversion contributors:

Tim Althaus
Tim Althaus
Location: Onalaska, WI
Age: 24
Background: Presently going to school at Winona State to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. I work at a family shoe store in Onalaska, WI, and I write for sport in my free time. I did some writing for the website Culture Bully during the end of their tenure, and now I’m back at Mind Inversion.
Music interests: : Hip-Hop, Electronica, Rock, Alternative, Indie Rock, Jazz fusion. Including: J Dilla, Jaylib, Madlib, Black Milk, Apollo Brown, Royce Da 5’9″, Evidence, Masta Ace, The Left, Common, Classified, El-P, Blue Scholars, Hives Inquiry Squad, Jellyfish Brigade, Flying Lotus, Rjd2, Oh No, Little Brother, Ghostface, Soul Position, Brother Ali, Atmosphere, Eyedea & Abilities, The Black Keys, Four Tet, Justice, Daft Punk, Kelpe, Koushik, LCD Soundsystem, Pavement, Traffic, Cream, Animal Collective, Vampire Weekend, Yesterday’s New Quintet.
URLs: Facebook,, Twitter, Posts at Culture Bully
Eric Gilardi Email:
Location: La Crosse, WI
Age: 27
Background: An intriguing individual who has always been engulfed in music. I love listening to music, attending live shows and voicing my opinion on music and whatever else I feel the need to talk about. Believe in the statement honesty is the best policy but it has been known to get me in trouble every once in a while. If you like opinions and you like music you should find my articles interesting or appalling. Feel free to voice your opinion and I will see what I can do to satisfy your urge to debate.
Music interests: : .Everything except country music with a great influence from the electronic world.
URLs:• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •Former/Guest Contributors:
Nick Blexrud
Ryan Buege
Erik Burg
Dan Chihak
Eddie Ecker
Nick Heise
Tony Giebel
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