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Hello 2009

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Their live show in '08 was my high point, an their new album is shaping up to be my '09 highlight too
Their live show in ’08 was my high point, and their new album is shaping up to be my ’09 highlight too

It’s that time of year again, for a new year. And good thing too, I personally am beyond ready to put 2008 behind me, but what should I be looking forward too? Not sure really, resolutions? a “fresh” start? Obama? All of the above I suppose, but let’s face it, nobody sticks to their resolution (let me be the first to admit that I already ruined mine) and that whole “fresh” start thing is just lame.
2009 has started off pretty well for me (minus the whole resolution thing). I mean, the first two hours of the year was spent dancing to Hercules and Love Affair and then having a drink with the man himself. So maybe I should look forward to the new musical horizons. Yeah…there we go, music. And what better way to celebrate the first New Music Tuesday than with a stellar release from musical geniuses Animal Collective, their new release Merriweather Post Pavillion, which recently leaked, is shaping up to be one of their strongest releases to date.
So how about that, great music to jump start 2009 and hopefully pave the way for a year that’s much better, to me at leas,t than last year was. I’ll have a full review of Merriweather up as soon it hits shelves officially on the 6th, until then enjoy this new track. Happy New Year!


Merriweather Post Pavillion news

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The Geologist, Avey Tarre, and Panda Bear

The Geologist, Panda Bear, and Avey Tarre

Big news from the Animal Collective camp this week, the release date for the Vinyl of Merriweather Post Pavilion has been pushed up two weeks to January 6th. The digital and cd release of the highly anticipated album will still be on January 20th, but the Vinyl comes equipped with a mp3/wav download of the album so you could essentially have the album two weeks early in any format. Since any mp3 or leak of this album is impossible to have, and sanctions by the “web sheriff” have already been handed down I don’t have any preview to lend, but I’ve heard a streamed version “My Girls” and I can surely say that it is an amazing, hard-hitting track that is in fashion with all the other Animal Collective material out there. Stay tuned for an album review as soon as it hits shelves.

Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavillion album cover

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It’s here, and it’s trippy as fuck.

Animal Collective reveals their plans for a new album

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Today is a happy day! Animal Collective have announced Merriweather Post Pavilion, their full-length studio follow-up to their 2007 release Strawberry Jam! According to a press release from Domino Records, the album was recorded in Oxford, Mississippi at Sweet Tea recording studio with Ben Allen and is due January 20 in CD, double LP, and digital formats from Domino.

Over the last few years, these extremely prolific psych/experimental artists have lifted their unique presence outside of the underground and onto the mainstage but have lost none of their vibrant, oddball, folksy charm. Their intention remains hellbent on exploring the depths of their artistic consciousness, and for that reason Animal Collective can never do any wrong. After the release of Panda Bear’s solo album this year and personally witnessing their mind-blowing headline performance at the Pitchfork this summer, my anticipation for this album is as high as any album this year. It’s great to watch your favorite artists stay so true to themselves as they mature, especially when they are still churning out the most spine-chillingly beautiful music you know.. So mark your calendars, the date has been set – JANUARY 20TH!

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