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Spencer Krug keeps rolling; new Sunset Rubdown track and tour dates

Posted in Audio, Concert Dates, Downloads, Music News with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on Thursday, April 16, 2009 by Erik Burg

The indie music scene might as well just be Spencer Krug. The incredibly gifted man has got his hands in nearly every cookie jar. Just last month saw the release of the new Swan Lake album Enemy Mine as one of stronger releases of the early spring, but Krug was not done there, working diligently on the new (and my favorite Krug band) Sunset Rubdown.

Dragonslayer out June 23rd on Jagjaguwar

Dragonslayer out June 23rd on Jagjaguwar

To newcomers the band name sounds like a bad porn movie, but with amazing vocals and an eclectic lineup the band’s 2007 album Random Spirit Lover smothered my attention and had me enraptured for months. My await for the new album is nearly over however as the release date for Dragonslayer has been set for June 23rd on Jagjaguwar records. 

Today marks the first real glimpse at the album too, with the release of the track “Idiot Heart” for free download. It’s certainly in line with much of their last album, building from start to finish and marked by the signature Krug voice. About half-way through the track a xylophone or something of that sort hits the track and really takes the song to a more interesting level. I like it, it’s good… not great, but a solid foundation for the album.

MP3: Sunset Rubdown – “Idiot Heart”

Most of all, “Idiot Heart” gets me excited for some touring, and although no Minneapolis date has been set, Sunset Rubdown will hit various coastal venues this summer (fingers crossed for an appearance at a festival or two maybe as well). Check out all the dates below:

06-11 Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brenda’s
06-12 Brooklyn, NY – Studio B
06-15 Chapel Hill, NC – Local 506
06-16 Atlanta, GA – The Drunken Unicorn
06-20 Austin, TX – Mohawk
06-22 Tucson, AZ – Plush
06-23 Los Angeles, CA – Echoplex
06-24 San Francisco, CA – The Rickshaw Stop
06-26 Portland, OR – Doug Fir Lounge
06-27 Seattle, WA – Chop Suey


New Audio: High Places – “Anyango”

Posted in Audio, Downloads, Music News with tags , , , , , , on Friday, February 13, 2009 by Erik Burg

A good start to a friday, if I’ve ever had one. A new High Places track from their upcoming album Thank You Very Quickly was released this morning, delighting listeners of their amazing afro-american infusion music. I’ve been digging tunes like this lately, whether it’s Very Best, El Guincho, or The Ruby Suns, I’ve been loving worldy influenced music. “Anyango” delivers a strong punch, and is a great start to their new album. Funky bass lines and amazing drumming heavily influenced by the African members of the group, “Anyango” is definietly worth checkign out if you haven’t heard anything by High Places yet. Enjoy and happy friday!


MP3: High Places – “Anyango”

Video + New Audio: Simian Mobile Disco – “Synthesise”

Posted in Media, Music News, Video with tags , , , , , , on Thursday, February 12, 2009 by Erik Burg

Simian Mobile Disco have stayed fairly busy since their amazing 2007 release Attack Sustain Decay Release. Though the album didn’t gain as much support as it deserved (thank Justice and Daft Punk touring for that) the boys still released plenty of single around the album, touring heavily in support, and fixed up a Fabriclive mix as well. I haven’t heard much in the way of official plans for their next release, fingers crossed that it’s this year, but a new song they’ve been playing live got the video treatment. Though the video is nothing special, seeing as it’s just the video accompiament for when they play the track live, the song is something to stick around for. “Synthesise” is more beat driven and heavy than some of their prior songs that may have relied a bit more on vocal samples. At any rate though, it’s definitely worth a listen. Enjoy!

NEW AUDIO: Cage – “Nothing Left To Say” (Produced by El-P)

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Cage on the left

Cage on the left

So this pretty much made my night, I happened to stop by Pitchfork one more time before I went to bed to see if I missed anything interesting today, and look what I found! A new Cage track, but not just any Cage track, this one is produced by El-P (my favorite hip-hop artist). “Nothing Left to Say” is slow to take flight, the first minute or so is essentially a Cage monologue, ranting about the usual life problems and lessons that he seems to touch on. But then lift off, after that first part the track grabs the listener immediately, blasting off into outer space. The production of El-P stand out on this cut for sure, thanks to the various different parts that contribute to the killer beat. Various loops all come together and bang throughout the entire track, coupled with NYC driven lyrics that are dark and dreary, as though Cage would have it any other way, ha. But yeah this is an absolutely sick track, give it a listen for sure.Hip-hop is alive and well y’all, Enjoy!!!


 MP3: Cage – “Nothing Left to Say” (Prod. by El-P)

Watch out for Cage’s new album Depart From Me due out June 29th.

Audio: Junior Boys – “Parallel Lines”

Posted in Audio with tags , , , on Friday, January 30, 2009 by Erik Burg

junior_boysJunior Boy’s follow up to the 2006 album So This Is Goodbye, Begone Dull Care is slated to be released in the spring or summer of 2009, and listeners are finally getting a first go at it. In usual Junior Boys fashion airy synths and melodic vocals dictate the six and a half minute song. I can’t make up my mind on it yet, but it certainly isn’t a bad take.

No mp3s yet for this, it’s only streaming over at Stereogum. check it HERE

Dig Deeper: Myspace Official Page Wiki

Cool Cover: Spoon – “Decora” (Yo La Tengo Cover)

Posted in Music News with tags , , , , on Tuesday, December 23, 2008 by Erik Burg

What’s not to love? Two heavyweights of the music industry and two bands that have expansive catalogues going back into the ’90s, one covers the other and what do we have? a really nice track to tide all those Spoon fans out their until their next album. While I’ve never been a huge Tengo fan, I’ve always appreciated what they’ve done fro music and how successful they are, but Spoon is certainly without argument one of the greatest bands of the indie circuit of all time, and I’m hoping for great things from them on the heel’s of 2007’s impressive Ga Ga Ga Ga.

There have been some live bootlegs of new Spoon material floating around the blogosphere for a while now, but this the first studio track I’ve come across. You can pretty predict what the song’s going to sound like, Spoon’s style has been pretty solid for a few albums now, and this track doesn’t venture from that. Have a listen for yourself, Brit and the crew deliver once again, but then again, everything from these guys seems to be golden. 

mp3: Spoon – “Decora” (Yo La Tengo Cover)

New Material: Aesop Rock – “Tomorrow Morning”

Posted in Music News with tags , , , , , on Monday, December 22, 2008 by Erik Burg

Some new material from one of my favorite hip-hop artists out there, Aesop Rock, was released about a week ago, coming packaged along with some other goodies as well. Jeremy Fish, whose name you may recognize as the artist from Aesop’s “None Shall Pass” LP, has an art exhibit up in San Francisco right now and originally this track was created for the exhibit, but it’s now obviously available for all to enjoy.


And enjoy you will, as Aesop brings his usual unusual vocals and characteristic lyrics to this banging track. The beat is absolute fire, and makes for a nice treat to any fan of any Aesop material in the past, and I’ll stand alone and say this track ranks up there if not above “Daylight” as the fable man’s best track. But I’ll let you be the judge of that one.

mp3: Aesop Rock – “Tomorrow Morning” and The Ghosts of the Barbary Ghost Project