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The Sunday Show, Episode 9 “The Golf Episode”

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This week’s episode of your favorite podcast about nothing in particular is about golf. To be honest, I think golf is a great sport and I truly wish I played more so I could get better at it, I just don’t seem to have the time or patience anymore. The guys shot this episode up north (as well as episode 10) and it looks like a great place to chill out and have a good time. This is the type of crew that I can see myself golfing with, they like to have a good time and have a few drunks while hitting the links. It looks like they had a lot of fun, and if Officer Barbrady was there I wouldn’t be surprised if he would be having a field day (due to all of the shenanigans). It looks like Timberstone & Oak Crest are nice places to golf if you get the chance and are an avid golfer.

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The Sunday Show, Episode 8 “Back to Our Roots”

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here we have episode 8 of your favorite podcast about nothing in particular, “Back to Our Roots”. This episode features Nic & Chad (and of course Union Dan) recapping interesting stories and events (much like the 1st episode, hence the name). For all of you iTunes users, you can now also download each episode of The Sunday Show on iTunes as well. As usual Chad & Nic give you a rundown of what they are currently drinking (the “not so pale ale” sounds delicious) (on a separate note, I highly suggest you try some of these beers, I’ve had the pleasure of trying a few and they have been great), and jump into the news bits.

Apparently there has been trace amounts of cocaine found in Red Bull (no fucking way…) and it has been banned in a few coutries, but as the guys point out it’s really not a whole lot. I think I am going to try what Chad is talking about with drinking a few ice colds in a hot shower sometime, I can see that starting off a night really well. Nic mentioned that Hulu is going to have an app for TV viewing. On another side note, I love Hulu and if you don’t know about it, I would highly suggest that you check it out. But the app will allow users to install an application onto their desktop and it will team with the media center on your computer to bring you everything you need. As Nic mentions, this truly is an epic thing. For some people, they may never need cable television ever again. Make sure you check this episode out guys, a lot of valuable information with great opinions here. The story on the kid in the mortuary is just ridiculousness folks.

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