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Artist Interview: Jacob Hemphill of SOJA

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So I found myself interviewing Jacob Hemphill the lead singer and guitarist of SOJA on Valentine’s Day. If you would have told me this a month ago, I would have said there is no way but yet there we were sharing a conversation.

Eric from Mind Inversion (E of MI): First off, I would just like to thank you for taking the time to sit down with Mind Inversion do this exclusive interview.

Jacob Hemphill from SOJA (JH of SOJA): Sure, sure.

E of MI: Secondly, I would like to congratulate you on the success of your new album, Strength to Survive. Did you guys expect this much instant success with this album?

JH of SOJA: We really didn’t know what to expect, it’s reggae you know? And it’s not even Jamaican Reggae, its American Reggae. We expected our fans would like it and we hoped people would feel like the things I was talking about were what was on their mind or if it wasn’t on their mind we hoped it would become one of the things they would be thinking about. Those were kind of our two goals and then it jumped to #3 on all of iTunes and we were all like, “Holy crap, what’s going on?”

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Doves drummer gives exclusive interview to

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doves1Nearly half a decade has passed since Doves had released Some Cities, and now the English indie rock trio has been the studio getting ready to release Kingdom of Rust.  I, for one, will be scrounging up the pounds and pence to purchase the album on April 6th. Who is with me?!?

Doves, no doubt, encompass a mystical aura surrounding their music. Their sound emerges like a crisp and fresh, spring morning. The bells and guitar in, There Goes the Fear, paint an image of  reflected light off dew-covered grass, as I stroll to my 8 a.m. class.  Ahhhhh, I feel relaxed and refreshed from the heavy lulls of the guitar. Thank You, Doves. Thank You.


It pleases me to bring you an interview that I found off of Andy Williams (Drums) talks about revisiting and readjusting to being on tour again, as well as early fan responses to Kingdom of Rust.

Hello Andy, how’s it feel to be back out on the road?

Really good, we’re all really enjoying it. We’re just getting used to being back on the bus again but it’s great to be out on the road again and gigging. I’ve forgotten how much fun it really is… Continue reading