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Throw Your Geology Books Away!

Posted in Audio, Downloads, Music News with tags , , , , , , on Tuesday, December 16, 2008 by Erik Burg

A young VanWyngarden on the right

A young VanWyngarden on the right

Some very interesting (old) new music has surfaced from one half of 2008 spotlight stealers MGMT. Andrew VanWyngarden, while attending Wesleyan University, had a class called Earth & Earth Sciences and he certainly did his very best to use his musical talents to pass the class. For some sort of presentation on the magical world of volcanoes, VanWyngarden wrote and performed a song called “Super Volcano” that sounds almost identical to some of the earlier MGMT releases out there; It’s easy to see how MGMT finally came about because this track exemplifies much of what they’re all about: over-the-top synths, floaty and imaginative vocals, and some hilarious (yet informative) lyrics. See the hilarious video for “The Youth” directed by none other than Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric Great Awesome Show Great Job! fame below.

The track, considering its for an environmental science course, is surprisingly better than expected. It’s obviously nothing that would have made an album cut, but it makes for a delightful B-Side for a band that’s been all over the map this year. To be quite honest, the song sounds quite familiar of some older Of Montreal tracks, say…Satanic Panic era Kevin Barnes. If you fall head over heels in love with this cut though, you can find more from VanWyngarden and his first take a two man band called Glitter Penis here.

Now if only the burning hot lava from the super volcano could come and rescue all of us stuck in the miserable weather this week in Minnesota. It’s effing -35 right now!! anyway, ENJOY!

mp3: Andrew VanWyngarden (MGMT) – “Super Volcano”